by Chief
Princess Adventure

It was a village of modest means, houses made of wood and rooves of thatch, and primarily making its income from logging. The forest that surrounded the town was old and home to some of the tallest trees in the land, and sometimes when the princess had time off from her tutoring, she would stare into the dark of the forest with an ever-burning curiosity.

On some days, it seemed as if the trees bent over the tall stone wall that encircled the village as if trying to reclaim the small plot of land the town occupied. It was on a day where her tutors had let her off early that she decided she would walk to the edge, right to the gray stone wall that stood between her and the forest and see if she could cross. Her father forbade her from entering the woods even on the brightest day and with an armed guard.

Today though, wrapped in a dark blue cloak and a pack slung over one shoulder, she would cross over the wall or through the gates to the forest beyond. No one noticed the cloaked figure as they sped down the castle’s steps and through the village, busy with trade and work.

She reached the stone wall in a heap of excited nerves, though quickly stepped back into the shadow of a nearby house to observe the wall before her. There were guards atop it and patrols every so often below. There were two gates, the closest being only a hundred paces to her left. She had to decide what the easiest and least conspicuous way was to escape to the forest beyond–at least for just this afternoon.

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