Your name is Jimmy Hands, and you drive the weinermobile. sadly, Dawg the Bounty Hunter just backed into the weinermobile with his hummer causing massive damage, and he is refusing to give you his insurance information

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Your name is Jimmy Hands, and you drive the weinermobile. sadly, Dawg the Bounty Hunter just backed into the weinermobile with his hummer causing massive damage, and he is refusing to give you his insurance information
 . What do you do?
I get out of the weinermobile, walk up to Dawg, who is sitting in his SUV, and punch him square in the jaw.
 You watch as Dawg picks you up like a twig and breaks you over his knee.
 He throws you back onto the hood of the weinermobile and drives off. You land on your feet.
You look around.
 You notice you are in some sort of wooded fortress with maze like structures. Dawg tells you he doesn't want to get insurance involved, so if you can escape the maze alive, you don't have to pay for the damages.
 You make your way through the maze until you reach an enormous gateway that has a huge red X painted on it. You try to open it, but you can't.
 You realize you are at a dead end. Then you hear a loud motor start up and see Dawg approach in a Killdozer. You begin to panic, but then you hear a voice from above that says, "Up here if you want to live!" A rope drops and you begin to climb it.
 As you climb higher, you look down and see a huge ballroom full of people dancing. You are in a club! And the music is amazing. You feel so happy.
 You meet Darlinda who tells you this is a club for everyone who is kidnapped and put in the death maze by Dawg. For some reason, Dawg is afraid of heights and cannot climb the rope. You are safe... for now. You ask Darlinda how you can make your escape and she tells you that is what she's been working on for the past 15 years.
 She explains that she has a secret underground base and there is a tunnel that leads to the outside world. This is where she will be able to rescue you.
 You prepare yourself and wait for nightfall. You descend the tree elevator and enter the underground tunnel. The rope is cut behind you and again your hear the roar of the Killdozer engine. Darlinda has betrayed you and set you up in a trap!
 You go through the tunnel and come to a large room with a huge bed. There is a man tied to the bed, and you know you must save him!
 The man tells you his name is
 Jake, and he is a good friend of yours. He asks you to untie him and he will tell you where the secret tunnel leads to.
 You say, "Of course Jake from Statefarm! I can trust you!" You untie Jake and he escorts you to the secret tunnel. It's dark, but you hear a door shut and lock behind you. Jake laughs and reveals this was another trap! You see the lights flick on and you are in a room with a live bear and the only way out is a shark infested pool!
 You decide you have to swim. You begin to swim and you hear Jake say, "Oh great! Now I'm stuck here too!" You stop swimming and look back.
 Jake hops in the water and reluctantly helps you escape by punching sharks right in the nose. You swim for a while and eventually come to a large hanger. You see Dawg ready to fight you 1 on 1 for your freedom. Jake chirps up and says, "2 on 1 actually, you locked me in there with him Dawg and now you are going to pay a PREMIUM!"
 Dawg gets angry and starts to hit Jake, but Jake uses his stun gun on Dawg and grabs him by the throat and throws him into the hanger.
 You demand that Dawg let you escape and you say, "No more traps!" Dawg grins and you reiterate, "One more trap and then next time I defeat you, I will end you!" Dawg's grin fades away and he tell you the way is to
 the left. You follow Dawg and you see a large white light coming from the ground.
 You see a being emerge from the white light, it is
 a giant rabbit! It grabs Dawg by the throat and throws him into the air. You follow the rabbit and see a large metal cage.
 You look in the rabbit's cage and see a bunch of dismembered Dawg clones.
 You look up and see the rabbit's eyes are glowing red. You ask the rabbit what he wants, and he says, "I want to see you suffer."
 You notice that Jake from Statefarm has flanked the giant rabbit and is charging in with his stun gun.
 The rabbit screams, and the rabbit's eyes glow red, and the rabbit leaps out of the cage and punches Jake right between the eyes.
 Jake's eyes go lifeless and you watch him enter a berserker rage. You watch as Jake with his bare hands rips the giant rabbit limb from limb. The giant rabbit is defeated. You wait a moment and then ask Jake, "I'd like to file a claim for a car accident. I am guilty."
 Jake says, "Sure thing big guy. I'll take care of it. How about I give you a ride back to your apartment?"