Your name is David Kines, a professional Vtuber.

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Your name is David Kines, a professional Vtuber. Today is the day you start selling NFTs of your feet, but suddenly you're involved in a disastrous incident which leaves you footless.
 You're desperate to find an antidote or cure and you've been scouring all over town for it, even going as far as stealing from other players.
 You find out that a foot regrowth serum does exist, but it's highely experimental and has never been tested on a Vtuber before. Out of desperation, you agree to take the serum. You meet at the Labratory of Dr Feetenstein where he gives you the following warning:
 "One dose of this will cause permanent damage, so be careful."

You are then injected with the entire contents and begin your first step into becoming one of his test subjects.
 You see your feet begin to regrow, but then you notice the following unintended side effects:
 Your toes have grown longer, further up your legs your ankles and calves have become thicker. The only thing missing is the rest of you. All that remains of your body is your head and torso.
 You are put through a series of tests and you find out your legs are stronger than anyone on earth. You go through physical therapy and learn to do everything with your feet and long toes that you could with hands.
 But soon after your toe growth begins, it stops and that's when the true danger starts. As each toe grows, a new muscle attaches itself and this causes you to grow as well.
 You grow to monstrous proportions until you are 30 ft tall. You frog hop away from the lab as Dr Feetenstein tries to stop you, but is unable. You hop right towards the Downtown area.
 It takes no time at all before people come running after you. They try everything they can think of to get away from you, including drugs, traps, guns, magic etc.
 They should have thought about running. You flatten all these people until you hear helicopters in the distance. Dr Feetenstein has an experimental ray gun that he has brought in to stop you. You try to hop away, but are struck by the lightspeed ray. You begin to
 teleport in midair, but it's too late. Everyone else is gone and you've killed them off one by one.
 You are teleported to a strange place. You look around confused and then you hear the voice of Dr Feetenstein say, "Welcome to
 my world. I don't know why you're here, maybe because you're related to me. Either way you're in serious trouble.
 You look around an notice a barrel filled with the experimental foot ointment. You drink the entire thing and then
 feel as if you're floating in space. Suddenly you're weightless and free. Then you realize that the experiment has worked. In fact, you're now one of the strongest creatures on earth.
 You hop off a passing asteroid and fling yourself back to Earth. You attempt to take over the world and start your own foot religion called
 Footology. And you'll be remembered forever. Every child will learn to walk on their toes and every adult will learn to use their feet for anything and everything."