You wake up from a bad nightmare where you lose all of your teeth only to find out you actually swallowed all of your teeth while sleeping.

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You wake up from a bad nightmare where you lose all of your teeth only to find out you actually swallowed all of your teeth while sleeping. You rush to the dentist to poop them out and have them implanted on dentures.
 Unfortunately they are in the wrong place.
It's not long before everyone has become accustomed to seeing and hearing Doctor Harrison as he is now known in his office as "Doctor Tits".
 You go in for surgery and Doctor Tits does his thing. You wake up in a recovery room and look around for your new dentures, but you don't see them anywhere. You look down at your chest and see that you now have DD tits!
 They are huge! Your nipples are huge too! As you are recovering from your operation you get several calls from other patients asking about their implants and what they're like.
 While not what you expected, your tits are getting you the positive attention you desired. You decide to go to a popular bar and test out your new fun bags.
 The bartender tells you you have some very sexy breasts you should be proud of! He points out on stage that a large crowd has gathered around you.
 You've never had so many people pay attention to you and don't know what to do so to break the awkward gawking you begin to sing a song:
 "I'm an implant girl". Everyone cheers loudly, and when you finish the crowd begins to chant your name "Implant Girl!"
 You are quickly signed by a local record label and given the stage name of "Implant Girl". You release your first album titled:
The music video for the lead single features lots of sex scenes that make it seem more like porn than an actual porn movie.
 You become a popular executive of a new genre of music video. 'Sex Tunes.' You anger a lot of parents and they start a new movement called 'Moms against Sex Tunes.
 You decide to try your hand at writing a novel and take a couple of college courses. It's a good idea because you can make a little extra money writing stories for magazines and books.
 You choose the perfect college and major in you true passion:
 Writing Fiction. It's not until after graduation that you realize just how big the world of fiction really is.
 You write fiction about your favorite characters, Anakin and Obi Wan, banging each other. It sells surprisingly well.
 Maybe you could sell out? That would be cool! However, you soon notice a few things that need to change your plot.
 You realize you need to make everything even SEXIER! You get some ideas from your favorite pornos:
 Making Out with Girls & Other Stuff. So far you haven't written anything in any novel. Then one day in class you hear something that changes everything. You overhear an old couple at a diner recalling the filthiest hottest sex they've ever had. This inspires you to go raunchier that you ever imagined possible and you write
 a story in which two girls give blowjobs to each other to the delight of their boyfriends who then fuck their brains out while watching them.
 This fan fiction is your swan song and you title:
You write another story which is even hotter than before. But this time in a fantasy setting on Naboo.
 Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, asks you to make a story where Garfield has the force. You are very intrigued by the crossover and make it so.
 In "THE END OF CHAPTER 1" you make love to Chewbacca while eating hot dogs and drinking Coke in his hut.
 You suck the Coke out of Jabba's teats. Life is good. Coke is good. Jabba's hot dog is good. You live the rest of your days as Jabba's bitch slave.
 When Han Solo comes for her master she begs him to save both herself and Chewie. She doesn't ask what happens if you die because you will be dead anyway.