You open up a book, the story is about

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You open up a book, the story is about
 how when you were little you were a very special snowflake. You have this ability to make things snow on command.
 Farmers hate you! But you love the snow. You are picked on at first, but you snow out all the haters. When you grow up, you start an ice cream truck business. You dominate the competition as you have the coldest cream in town.
 After you retire, you still love the snow. And then one day…

You look at your hands. They are covered in frost.
 You try to use your snow powers, but they no longer work! Your body slowly is becoming encased in ice. You have to find out what's going so you slide your way down to the local library and find out you have an advanced case of Frostitus. The only cure for Frostitus is
 sunlight, so you go out to the nearest sunroof. There, you turn the heat up and revel in the warmth.
 It works and you realize you have been a workaholic most of your life. It's time to seize the day and do the one thing you've always wanted:
 travel the world.
You buy a plane ticket to Mexico and then another to France. You're going to be rich. You head to the airport, and it's packed with people.
 You fly to Mexico City and get so wasted on tequila that you miss your flight to France. But who cares! You are having the time of your life!
 Meanwhile back home, everyone is freaking out about the weather, so they cancel all flights.
 You realize you are trapped in Mexico. You need to find something to keep you busy, so you ask the locals for advice on what to do and they recommend:
 "tortoise racing."
You spend the rest of the week in Tulum and enjoy the tortoise races.
 You use your ice powers to rig some of the tortoise races and earn quite a large sum of money gambling on at the tortoise racing trakcs.
 You are the winner of the race and you celebrate by waking up the next morning to see that your body has turned into an ice sculpture.