You are Vincent Price, you have scored the leading role as a computational tycoon in the future year of two thousand and twenty.

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You are Vincent Price, you have scored the leading role as a computational tycoon in the future year of two thousand and twenty. You live in a mansion in the futuristic city of Silicon Valley, where every billionaire has his own personal AI wife. The problem is that people in the city are dying gruesome deaths by steel hands. The murderer is coming for you next, so you throw a party to find who it is.
 "Hello, my name is Vincent Price and I am hosting a party tonight."
The voice was robotic and smooth.
 You look around the room and see many famous billionaires such as
 Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. There are also several beautiful women such as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mila Kunis.
 You interrogate your prime suspect: Bill Gates.  You ask Bill about all the robot murders happening recently.
 He tells you that he hasn't heard anything about them but he's sure that it must be someone from his company.
 Mystery solved!  You announce to everyone at the party that Bill Gates and Microsoft is responsible for the murders and you have his confession on tape!  You look around and see the your house has been surrounded by the killer AI robots.  Bill Gates laughs maniacally!
 "You've got to be kidding me!" he says laughing, "I would never do something like this! I'm far too smart for that kind of thing."
 You tell Bill the jig is up and lying will get him nowhere.  Bill demonstrates the powers of his robots by killing Mark Zuckerberg in front of everyone with his own Metaverse character that has come to life.
 "I told you that you were dead Mr. Zuckerberg," he says smiling as he kills you with his Metaverse character.  Everyone starts laughing hysterically.
 You rip off your Quest VR headset and see that you have been restrained.  Bill Gates tells you that he plans to take all of Earth's precious resources and retreat to Mars with his army of AI robots and Elon Musk.
 "We'll make a new planet out there for us," he says laughing. "And we'll call it... Mars!" You try to escape but the robot guards are holding you down.
 You are not physically strong enough to overpower them, but you have the power of acting!  You act your heart out and watch as your acting is so good that it overload the AIs emotional processors.
 This causes them to go into a rage and kill their master!  You are free now!
You run outside and begin screaming, "I'm free! I'm free!"
 Bill follows you outside and you warn him to keep his distance or you will use your acting to subdue him!  Bill gets closer and you let out the perfect act attack!
 You scream and your voice is replaced by a deep male voice. You can hear yourself screaming as Bill is shocked by your act!  You then say, "I thought you had a girlfriend?"
 Bill screams, "Melindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" before his head swells up with rage and explodes.  You have saved the day!
 You are now the richest man in the world!  You start buying all of the real estate on Earth and setting up a new society for rich people only.
 You create a society in the Hollywood Hills of the rich and famous.  You look up into the sky and see Elon Musk has gotten away and is flying a rocket towards Mars.
 You yell, "Elon is coming back for you! He will kill you!" You watch as Elon flies the rocket into the atmosphere and it explodes.