You are Treadmill skeleton, a skeleton who lives on Tony’s Treadmill.

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You are Treadmill skeleton, a skeleton who lives on Tony's Treadmill. You are sad that since your a skeleton you will never lose weight ever again.
 This is because you have been living as an overweight fat man for years. Now your going to take some exercise and run the treadmill.

You open the door of the gym and enter it.
 You step inside and see rows upon rows of Treadmills. You are intimidated by the selection, but you hop on the first treadmill you see.
 It was so big that it took a good 5 minutes to get to the front door of the building. Once in the lobby you see many people walking towards you trying to get into the machines.
 You ignore the onslaught of personal trainers and fitness nuts telling you to use other machines and you continue to use exclusively the treadmills. This gets the attention of Big Lou, the most ripped gym rat in the building.
 He looks at you with his eyes bulging out as he says "You know if I had the chance I would fuck this skinny guy right in front of these dumb asses."
 You ignore Big Lou and continue to run on the treadmill. Big Lou doesn't like being ignored and he walks around to the front of the treadmill you are on and lifts it so you are running on a steep incline. Big Lou laughs heartily.
 "I've got all day bitch, I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Big Lou lets go of the treadmill and begins pushing you off the machine. "No!
 But to his surprise and everyone at the gym, you stay on the treadmill and continue to run. Big Lou is not able to push you off and some onlookers cheer you on! Big Lou is getting angrier and angrier, but the cheers from the crowd inspire you to run faster!
 The crowds cheering encourages you to run even faster until you reach 100 miles per hour. Your body is screaming with pleasure and pain simultaneously.
 Big Lou slips and falls under the treadmill where your fast running grinds his muscles into a fine meat paste.
 Everyone cheers loudly and applauds you as you continue to race. After about 15 minutes of hard speed runs and constant applause you finally hit the wall of the building.
 The crowd continues to cheer and you aren't going to let a little wall stop your run. You speed up your run until you reach Mach 1 speed and break not only the sound barrier, but the wall! You take the treadmill onto the highway.
 Suddenly you hear a loud explosion in front of you, then another and a third. A large crater appears in the road blocking traffic.
 You see that someone is trying to attack you! You look up in the sky and see:
 Police helicopter flying overhead as SWAT team members on foot. They quickly surround you. Tony calls 911 from his cell phone. You turn around and ask him what happened?
 Tony tells you that you can't go that fast ever again and you caused millions of dollars in damage to the city. But Tony has a treadmill that you can walk on anytime. You smile and return to Tony's house where you walk on his treadmill nonstop.
 Tony's mother comes home after work. She asks how her son's doing and she sees him on the TV screen.
 Tony is being featured on the evening news as a Hero that stopped the Treadmill Skeleton's run of destruction.
 His parents are happy and proud of their son and they ask Tony to set them up with a flight to Vegas the next weekend.