You are Tony, a kind man who is a good cook.

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You are Tony, a kind man who is a good cook. Last year, you prepared a special meal for Jason and Jim, but they threw it away. You believe that your friends have grown up, so you prepare a new meal for Jason, Jim and Cory. You cook five pizzas, three buckets of fries and for dessert, you bake three cakes. You give the food to your friends. After dropping off the food, you go wash up. When you return to the kitchen, you see your friends throwing the food in the garbage.
"What the hell happened?" you ask, "I got five pizzas, three cake and three buckets of fries!"
Jason speaks up and says, "Oh yeah, uh... a frankenstein monster came in here and uh... pulled his dick out and jizzed all over the food. So we threw it out." You don't believe this, but Jim and Cory swear this to be true. You say, "Ok let's go look for this monster!"
You and your friends leave the house. While driving around your neighborhood, Jim says, "Hey... why don't we check out some of these houses for more clues?"
You begin to believe Jason's story as you see a trail of destruction all along your street. You hear what sounds like a Frakenstein monster groaning and rush into your neighbors house to see:
The you see the crazy laughing and shooting two pistols into the air recklessly. You keep your distance and ask if she's seen a Frankenstein monster come through here.
She says, "No, but I'm pretty sure you did! It's been a long time since I've had a visitor, so I'm sure you're hungry. Come in!"
Cory makes a joke, "I'd come in, but Frankenstein's monster already came!" You all start laughing except for the crazy girl who doesn't get the joke. You ask the crazy girl what is for dinner and she tells you:
"Meatloaf on white bread with gravy." You tell the others that it sounds horrible, so you all run back home.
You return home and see Frankenstein's monster is watching pay-per-view porno on your living room TV.
He's also sitting on your couch watching TV. You ask him what he wants, and he replies, "Nothing. I want a drink."
You grab a big jug of rat poison from under the sink and hand it to Frankenstein's monster. You watch him drink the whole the jug and ask, "Got any root beer?"
He replies, "Sure, just pour me some, I'm thirsty."You pour some of the sweet root beer in the empty jug and give it to Frankenstein's monster.
Frankenstein's monster and you become roommates and live happily ever after!

You can't help but laugh at this, but then again, so can a lot of other things.