You are Tony, a guy who has been having nightmares about ghosts and goblins.

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You are Tony, a guy who has been having nightmares about ghosts and goblins. You ask your adopted father, Jason, if you can sleep in his bed so you'll feel safe. Jason says, "Sure, why not?" That night, you, Jason and Cory sleep on Jason's bed. Jason starts having a nightmare about a birthday ghost. Cory tries to calm him down, but Jason starts freaking out.
 Jason wakes up screaming and crying.
Cory stands over him and says, "What is it, son? What happened?"
Jason looks at him with tears running down his face.
 Jason shouts, "The nightmare is real!"  You look around and notice that the world is filled with ghosts and goblins.
 There are goblins everywhere! They're all wearing clothes, but they have no faces and only eyes in their heads.
They are standing in the hallway of the house, looking at you and Jason.
 You poke the goblin standing in front of the exit right in the eyes and run away with Jason.  As you get downstairs, you notice the ghosts and goblins are having one massive birthday party.  Jason squeals in fear at the top of lungs, "I HATE BIRTHDAYS!"
 The birthday goblins start singing happy birthday to you and Jason. They sing, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Troy, Happy Birthday Troy."
 You notice a sex goblin standing in kitchen and lean in for kiss.

You head outside.
 You see Jason standing by the door. He runs inside, locks the door behind him and jumps on his bed.
Cory comes running in, "What's going on?"
 You tell Cory and a gaggle of goblins that there is no Troy here.  Troy lives arcross the street.
 You tell them that they need to stop singing and go home. You then run into the house.
You walk into the living room and see a naked Troy lying on the couch.
 You explain to Troy that he doesn't live here and has to go home.  Troy says his classic catchphrase:
 "I don't know where I am." You tell him to get dressed and go home. You and Cory take him back across the street to his house.