You are Tin-tusk, the smallest of the Tusk racoon clan.

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You are Tin-tusk, the smallest of the Tusk racoon clan. All your life you've wanted to have strange adventures like your siblings but your small size has held you back until today. You set off towards the nearest city carrying your trusty
 pack on your back and clutching a lute hanging from your shoulder. 

You travel for days and days and days, stopping only to sleep and rest.
 You arrive at nearby town of Orcs and Elves and head straight for the tavern. You break out your lute and sing a song about your clan:
 how we're all doomed if no one remembers our deeds and the world is doomed if the Trolls get their way! The other patrons are entranced.
 A giant troll standups for the back of the tavern and says, "What the fuck did you just say?!" You quickly put down the lute and say, "I'm just trolling!" Everyone breaks out into laughter... except he troll who is even more angry!
 He says, "What's so fucking funny?" He takes his axe and swings it at you, but you jump out of the way and grab him by the arm to stop him!
 Everyone is shocked that a tiny raccoon like yourself is able to disarm a giant troll. For good measure, you also tear out the troll's eye and say, "Does anyone else mind if I finish my song!?" Everyone shakes their head no and even the big troll sits down and listens quietly. You continue your song:
 "And we'll always remember how we beat those Gorgonites, killed as many trolls as we can and fought the Empire.
 You pack up your lute and head to the inn to sleep. A lady follows you out and says, "Wow that was great!" My name is
 Elana, I'm from another village nearby. I'm here to help you as much as I can." Your first job is to help her with her house.
 You ask Elana about strange adventures and Elana says, "Funny you should ask, but I've got the perfect quest for you:
 Your quest is to bring me home."
 You ask Elana, "Where do you live?" And Elana goes to the window and points at Mt Doom. It's going to be a long dangerous quest, but you accept and in the morning begin your trek for Mt Doom.
 You travel all night and arrive at one of the most infamous mountains, with an entrance to Hell. This mountain is known for its utter chaos.
 You enter Hell and take a look around to see:
 it's pitch dark; there are demons everywhere; ghouls and ghosts and rotting corpses. But you're not scared and proceed to your next job.
 You ask Elana where in Hell she lives and she says she lives at the bottom where it's warmest.
 She leads you to a huge pit and says, "You're going to have to climb down this pit, but I'll be waiting for you at the bottom."
 You face palm and a demon sees you with Elana and says, "Yeah man, she's a handful." You slowly make your way down to the bottom. You are hungry, thirsty, tired and worn out... but you've finally made it. Elana invites you inside her demon mansion. It looks like
 something out of Sleeping Beauty. There are beautiful princesses in purple gowns and silver ball gowns and guys in frilly shirts. They all welcome you to their party.
 You look around the party and see many famous people such as:
 Meliodas (the voice of Dormammu), Count Greyjoy, Lord Varys, General Ackerson and others.
 You leave the party early, head all the way back to the inn, and dream about your next big adventure!
 The End.