You are Thomas the sock.

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You are Thomas the sock.
You are a halfbreed who is half human, and half the other thing. You have been called many things by your fellow humans, but never a "sock".
Your father is disappointed that you exist. You've pretty much had to raise yourself. One day you decide enough is enough and move out of your childhood home to find a better life. You hop on a bus and head straight for
civilization.It's not long before the National Guard shows up and your bus stops. The guards ask for your papers, and they are met with a blank stare.
You have nothing on you and you tell them you name is Sock. They immeidately detain you.
Eventually you get to a large building filled with humans in a variety of clothing. They ask you to step outside where you are told to follow them.
You step outside and see a bunch of other oprhan kids. Some are human, but most are half breeds like you. There is a half man half bed, a half man half tree, and a
half horse half sheep. You walk toward a large cage. Inside the cage is a young girl some how magically made. She looks like she has not been fed in days, but you know better.
You ask the half horse half sheep girl what her name is and she tells you it's
Lucy.You then take her hand and lead her to a big glass case. Inside the case is a small pedestal. On the pedestal is a statue of an angel with wings.
The angel is holding a plate of hamburgers. You and Lucy share a meal together and get to know each other better.
The guard tells all the half breed children to leave the area. You and Lucy spend the rest of your time together.You grow up and eventually you learn how to build a computer system.
You name the operating system after yourself:
Thomas.You help Lucy build a new home, and you're so happy when you realize you're going to be able to have a family of your own one day.
You and Lucy get married and have a child that you name:
Finn.A few years pass and you and your wife begin to notice strange things happening. One day you wake up to find that the electricity is off in the house.
You go down to the basement to reset the breakers and see a suprise:
a huge hole in the ground. A dozen cowboys are standing in the hole, eating and drinking.