You are Stephanie, a woman is excited to celebrate her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, Kevin.

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You are Stephanie, a woman is excited to celebrate her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, Kevin. You and Kevin are planning on meeting up at McDonald's at 5:00 PM. Because of tons of traffic, you don't show up till about 5:30. When you get inside, Kevin is kissing one of the female employees. You angrily say, "What are you doing, Kevin?" Kevin is so scared that he tries to run away. He trips and falls into the fry boiler.
 You are shocked to see your boyfriend getting burned.

"What have I done?"

"Your boyfriend Kevin is in the hospital with third-degree burns."

"Oh no!
 You visit the hospital with a box of Kevin's stuff, wish him well, and tell him you are breaking up with him. Kevin blurts out a passionate speech about sticking together:
 "Stephanie, I love you. We'll always be together. There will always be a place for us in my heart."
"Kevin, you're not fucking me!"
 You proceed to start whailing on Kevin with your purse. A nurse sees this and has you removed from the hospital. You leave, but for some reason you can't stop thinking about Kevin. You talk to your best friend Carrie and ask her for some advice.
 She tells you to get in touch with some guy named Bobby because he's nice and could help you.
 You and Bobby have a first date at a local Burger King. While gobbling down on a whopper, you reveal your troubled past.
 "I had sex with my sister." You say.
"Yeah, I'm not surprised. Your sister was pretty hot." Bobby replies.
 You lean in for a kiss with Bobby.
 After the kiss, you reach into your purse and pull out a ring and put it on your finger.
 Bobby sees a ring and immediately reacts with an, "I do." You are confused for a second as this is just your pinky ring, but then you realize Bobby thinks you are proposing.
 "I'm sorry, Bobby, but we can't...we can't get married."
"What?! Why?"
"Well, I'm still a virgin!"
"You are?
 You motion towards the Burger King bathroom and say, "But things can change..."
 "I'm serious! I mean I'm a virgin!"
"You are?! Come on, let's go!"
You and Bobby go back to his house.
 You tell Bobby, "Let's fuck and play Tekken!"
 He is very understanding.
The next day, Bobby and you go to Wendy's and order food. You ask if they sell slutty outfits.
 You and Bobby run into Kevin who is sloppily drinking a blended baconator through a straw. Kevin notices you and Bobby and rolls his wheelchair over to say, "
"What's up, kev?" You ask.
"Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I love you guys."
 You turn and loudly tell Bobby and the entire restaurant, "Yeah this is the clumsy bastard that cheated on me on our anniversary and fell into the fryer! Stupid fry face!" Bobby and the rest of the restaurant patrons start chanting "Fry Face" at Kevin.
 Kevin realizes how bad he looks and slaps you. "What the fuck!" You say.
"I love you! Let's keep it together!"
"Okay, fuck off!"
 You and Kevin passionately kiss right on the table in front of Bobby.
 You and Kevin then proceed to make out in the walkway. Meanwhile, the fryer attendant walks by and sees the two of you kissing.