You are Stan The Ghost, a new Pupil at Ghost High School.

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You are Stan The Ghost, a new Pupil at Ghost High School. You are actually one of the nicest ghosts ever, but to be successful as a Ghost you need to be more scary.
 So far you have been doing an okay job, but you need to do better. It is up to YOU to show everyone that they should fear you or at least respect you.
 You go to the library and pull and old book off the shelf titled "How to instill fear in any man (Living or dead)". You read it cover to cover and learn the following new ways to scare people:
 1. Incinerate your victims. This is the most effective way to instill fear in people, but can only be done once every few years.
 To get the respect of your peers, you decide to try this technique out tonight. You find a woman and while she is sleeping you lean in for a kiss.
 She wakes up and opens her mouth wide to scream. You then open fire into her head killing her instantly. Her screams are heard by the entire school.
 You level up and gain the following scare powers:
 2. Blight and decay. You are now able to spread disease and infection.
 You start a little plague in the house where you killed the woman. But when you try to leave, you run into your victim. She is now a ghost and she is following you.
 You are able to curse her and make her a zombie, just like in the movie "Zombieland".
 Her zombie has some of your plague on it and she begins to spread the plague around the town. Soon the whole town is infected. You return to Ghost High School where you are immediately called into the Principal's office. Principal Casper tells you that you have read scare tactics from a banned book.
 He then shows you some of the pictures on his computer of how he was killed by two boys who were messing around with his car.
 You reveal your troubled past to Principal Casper.
 He tells you to stay away from him. A week later you are kicked out of the school for being a bully. You decide to leave town and live in the woods.
 You are alone in the woods and think about what you have done. The zombie you cursed earlier somehow finds you and you lean in for a kiss.
 A month passes and you are finally caught. You are taken to the police station and asked to write a letter of apology to principal Casper.
 You feel like you've done nothing wrong, so you write the letter as sarcastically as possible: "Dear Mr Casper,
 I'm sorry that you had to kill me. I'm just glad that you're not alive anymore.
 Principal Casper just sits there stunned at your bluntness and then summons the ghosts of your dead parents to scold you further.
 You are then given a choice. Either you can apologize to the principal and be forgiven or you can apologize to Principal Casper and he will punish you severely.
 You choose to apologize and be punished. Principal Casper chooses your punishment: You will have to
 sit in a chair in front of the class and never be allowed to go anywhere near it again. You'll also be forced to sit in class and listen to everyone else's stories.
 You hear the most boring and unoriginal stories of scaring people as a ghost:
 A boy who lived in the house next to mine and was scared of clowns because his mom used to say they would eat him if he didn't watch out.
 You haunt the shit out of that mom as a clown.
 Another boy was scared of big spiders because his Mom said they would bite him if he wasn't careful. You haunt the hell out of him as a spider and spray your evil saliva in his face.