You are Rob, a guy who is getting ready for a job interview.

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You are Rob, a guy who is getting ready for a job interview. You are just getting a bite to eat at Wendy's when you get Ketchup all over your shirt. This is a disaster, no one will hire a person with a Ketchup stain on their shirt! What are you going to do?
 You could go home and change the shirt, or you could go to another restaurant.
You decide that you will go to a different restaurant.
 You go to your favorite restaurant and attempt to get a table, but they will not seat you because of the Ketchup stain.
 "No offense but I'm really not hungry" you say and take your leave. 
A few days later you get a call saying you have been called back to the office.
 Ketchup has spilled over every inch of your house and clothing. You can't go back to work like this! You strip naked and run to the nearest clothing store to buy a new wadrobe. You open the doors to the store and a flood of ketchup hits your immediately.
 You pick yourself up and make your way to Wendy's. After you eat your meal, you go back to work.
 You reveal your troubled past to the employee at the counter.
 She says "well, you can't go home, but we can give you a part time job" You accept and the next day you are hired as a waiter at Wendy's.
 You wake up for your first day at Wendy's. You slept in the parking lot as to not get any ketchup on your clothes. But then you look up in horror: it is raining ketchup! Ketchup falls in a torrential downpour directly onto you.
 How could such an act be possible?

You are now covered in a thick layer of ketchup. You are soaked and you can't see anything.
 Your wife slowly approaches in horror of how drenched in ketchup you are. You lean in for a kiss
 . She kisses you back and then goes to get some towels.
She returns with a box of Kleenex.
 You go through the entire box and are barely able to clean off your face. Your wife asks you what is happening and you reply, "The Ketchup is after me!"

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