You are rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and no one has ever been able to get close to you.

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You are  rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and no one has ever been able to get close to you. All you care about in life is perfection which you are always  looking for in artwork and whatnot. But then a shy and intelligent woman but financially troubled takes a liking to you.
 She soon becomes the object of your desire and you feel guilty that she feels this way towards someone who has so much more than her.
 You throw caution to the wind and spend a lot of money of this woman named Caroline.  You take her on an elaborate trip to your favorite place in the world:
The trip was a success, you had fun with her and made new friends along the way. However, you were not satisfied with just having fun with her.
 You get down on one knee and propose to Caroline.
 She accepts of course and says yes. Then you ask her if she would like to marry you. She throws back her head and laughs at you and says "No!
 You are so embarrassed that you run out of the hotel room and cry in the middle of the streets.  You are comforted by a french mime street performer who
 gives you a warm hug."
The next morning you wake up early and go running.
 You make sure to go by where you saw that mime last night.  You are happy to see they are still there and you give them a hefty donation for their performance.  You ask the mime what they are doing tonight and the mime replies
 , "We have a special guest coming in tonight. He is a very important person and he wants to meet you alone. Please be gentle as we do not know him well.
 You blow off your date with Caroline to meet the mime and his "special guest".  You enter a mysterious hotel that looks long abandoned and sit on a fancy couch that is covered in a thick layer of dust.
 A beautiful woman walks up to you and introduces herself as Marie. She tells you that you are invited to dinner with her and her husband. You accept without question and Marie goes into the kitchen.
 Marie is cooking a delicious meal of
 steak and lobster and wine. She asks if you like it and you tell her you love it. Marie and her husband are drinking a large amount of wine and talking about how they met.
 Marie tells you she is a painter and points about the mantel of her most famous work: it is a painting of
 you.  You think to yourself "I am going to die". You look around and notice that everyone else in the room is dressed in black.
 The mime tells you that they are preparing a special ritual just for you.  Marie says they have been expecting you for some time now. You gulp and sheepishly ask, "What is the ritual for?"
 Marie smiles and tells you that you will find out soon enough.  The mime hands you a small glass and tells you to drink from it.
 You drink the wine and immediately pass out.  You wake up tied to a giant wheel with a pentgram on it.  Marie and the Mime are chanting "
 The circle must be complete".  You look around and see people all around you.
 You lean in for a kiss with Marie.
 She asks you why you have come to this place and you tell her you did not want to miss out on any of the rituals. She tells you that you have been chosen because you are perfect.
 The end. 
  You wake up in a strange room with a woman standing over you. She tells you you are dead. This story is just a dream.