You are Ned Flobb, a nerd with severe social anxiety. It is your dream to own the biggest body pillow collection in the world, but you still miss one pillow to complete your collection : the rare “tony from aipd” pillow.

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You are Ned Flobb, a nerd with severe social anxiety.  It is your dream to own the biggest body pillow collection in the world, but you still miss one pillow to complete your collection : the rare "tony from aipd" pillow. You heard rumors that sleepy Joe has that exact pillow hidden somewhere in the White House, you so book a flight to Washington D.C
 . and find out for yourself what this mystery pillow really is.
I'm not sure how much time I spent on the internet before I got into this but it's all I've ever known.
 Your search leads you to find a hidden camera video of a Body Pillow Factory that shows you how Body Pillows are actually made.  It turns out that Body Pillows are made from actual bodies!!!!  You are terrified by this news and out of curiosity you cut open your Hatsune Miku body pillow to reveal A BODY!  It's true!
 You have been possessed by a spirit from an alternate dimension and now you're going to be a body pillow!!  You can't believe this is happening to you.
 The spirit speaks to you and tells you it's name is
 Tony. The spirit then gives you instructions to take over the body of a cute girl named Tiffany who lives in the White House.
 You lean in for a kiss with the spirit of Tony.
 You hear a voice say "Kiss my pillow boy." You lean closer and kiss the pillow.
 You kiss the pillow and are immediately teleported to the White House.  You have to find this Tiffany girl if you have any hopes of returning to your human body.  You are noticed by Secret Security and thrown into the streets.
 You try to hide in a trashcan but they see through the disguise and throw you back into the street. You are then chased by a bunch of Secret Service agents.
 You make so much noise that you actually get the attention of Tiffany.  You convince her that you have to talk, but you keep getting caught by Secret Service agents.  You need to find a better way to sneak into the White House.  Then you see the laundry truck and get the perfect idea:
 you steal the laundry truck and use it to carry your body pillow into the White House. You break into the White House and notice that there is no Tiffany.
 You sneak into Tiffany's room and wait for her to return.
 You are about to leave when you hear some noises coming from her room. You creep closer and see Tiffany's closet doors open. You peek inside and see Tiffany sucking on her body pillow.
 You pretend not to notice Tiffany's shame and ask Tiffany to help you return to your normal body.
 Tiffany is not happy with this request, she thinks you're just trying to get in her pants. She pulls away from her body pillow to tell you that she needs to go to the bathroom.
 You plea with Tiffany and mention the spirit of Tony.  Tiffany freezes and says, "I will help you to spite Tony from AIPD."  You shrug and Tiffany says there is one way to get your body back:
 "I want to be your lover!" You agree and Tiffany leads you up to her bedroom. You are surprised to find that Tiffany has a very sexy body pillow of herself.
 You realize the only way to get your body back to is to trap a soul in the body pillow you are currently in.  You decide to save the souls trapped in body pillows and attack Tiffany who reveals herself to be an evil witch!
 You fight her until you are able to trap her soul in your body pillow. Your body pillow is now a full-fledged sex slave to you.
 You say that you will not stop until every innocent soul is freed from their body pillow prison.  You tell Tiffany you will not give into temptation like she did and you banish her body pillow form to the mattress warehouse dimension where she is trapped in a mountain of regular pillows.
 You then go to the White House and find Tiffany. You enter the White House and meet with Tiffany's boss, President Donald J. Trump.
 Trump appears to not be there, but as you start to leave you hear noises coming from the closet.  You open it and see Trump sucking on a body pillow of Melania.  You look at the camera and say, "Here we go again!"
 You walk towards the closet and watch as the body pillow disappears into the closet.  You then discover a secret door behind the wall.  You jump down and walk into the room.