You are Mr. Sleepy, a guy who is waking up after having fallen asleep at a wild Halloween party.

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You are Mr. Sleepy, a guy who is waking up after having fallen asleep at a wild Halloween party. You quickly realize that you aren't the only person in your bed. You are lying next to a female magician, a garbage man and a clown that weighs over 500 pounds.
 "Did I fall asleep?" you ask yourself as you look around the room.
"Mr. Sleepy, wake up!" you hear a voice call out from behind you.
 You turn around to see the clown who introduces himself as
 "The Clown of Death." He has a large red nose and wears an elaborate costume. The clown says, "I'm here to help you recover from your drunkenness.
 You use the Garbage Man as a human shield as The Clown of Death advances towards you.
 The Clown of Death delivers a punch to your gut that knocks you out cold."
Suddenly, you feel something warm and wet on your face.
 You shaked with fear as you realize what it is... it is clum, the essence of clowns!  You feel your skin begin to burn and turn white like grease paint!
 You scream aloud as you feel your body begin to be engulfed by the flames of Hell.
The Garbage Man wakes up and looks down at you before he reaches out to grab you.
 But it is no use!  You are sinking into Hell with The Clown of Death.  The female magician finally wakes up and casts a spell of
 protection on you. She then begins to cast spells of protection on everyone else in the house.
You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by people all dressed up like clowns.
 You pull a gun out of your dresser and put it at your head.  But when you pull the trigger, you are just sprayed with seltzer water.  You break into an untrollable laughter.
 You look around for The Clown of Death but can't find him anywhere. You decide to go back to bed.  But as you sleep, you dream about being chased by a giant clown.
 In your dream, the Giant Clown keeps repeating the same phrase over and over:
You awaken from your dream and see that you are still in bed. You sit up and look around the room.
 You think it must have all been a bad nightmare.  You get dressed, go downstairs and eat breakfast.  Then you head outside to get in your car to go to work, but you look and see a giant clown is standing in your driveway and has just eaten your vehicle!
 While you drive to work, you keep thinking about what happened last night.  Your boss asks if everything is alright. You tell him that you had a nightmare.
 You realize all the cars in your office's parking lot are clown cars.  Your boss, dressed as clown, laughs at your nightmare and says, "It's really MR SLEEPY!"
 You get to work and start to wonder what is going on. You ask your boss why so many clowns are parked in his parking lot.
 Your boss grins evily and says, "
 Don't worry Mr. Sleepy, I'm not the one chasing you. It's actually Mr. Sleepy who is chasing me."
 You realize the giant clown chasing you is actually
 Mr. Sleepy himself! You cry out in terror as you see Mr. Sleepy's car coming up behind you. The giant clown pulls out a gun and shoots you in the chest.