You are Mr Skelly Bones. you’re the world’s best particle physicist and you have just unlocked the power of magic using your ultimate science knowledge

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You are Mr Skelly Bones. you're the world's best particle physicist and you have just unlocked the power of magic using your ultimate science knowledge
You've been invited to the most prestigious scientific conference in the entire world, The International Conference on Matter and Energy.
 You have something amazing to present, your latest invention:
 a machine that can travel faster than light. You've been working on this for years and it has taken all of your energy and you've had some very close calls with death.
 You lean in for a kiss with your female co-physicist, but she rejects your advances.  You are so embarrassed that you want to die.  But then you look at your FTL machine and wonder if you can  use it to go back in time and undo your embarrassing rejection.  You do and it works!  You successfully time travel and prevent a PR disaster!  You wonder what else you can do...
 you look out over the city. It is beautiful here. A bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The white snowflakes are falling gently into the ground.
 You are stunned and realize that you didn't just go back 5 minutes, but when you time traveled you actually went back 5 months.
 This means that you were in love with your female co-worker! You are mortified!  How could this happen? You don't even remember her name!
 You realize you have to forget all your science knowledge in order to remember her.
 So you come up with a plan. You will become a new person, a tourist, and you'll pretend to be a scientist from the future.
 You go undercover under the name
 "Dr. Alan Skelly", and you get a job as a professor at Harvard University. You decide to start teaching physics to students who are interested in the subject.
 You convince your students that to get extra credit they have to spy on your old female coworker Dr Elizabeth Pascoli.  You students are desperate for your attention and vast wealth of knowledge so they agree.  You learn the following things about Dr Pascoli:
 She is married to an Italian man named Carlo and they live in Cambridge. She is a great cook. She loves to read and reads many books. She is also very intelligent.
 You start to feel some side effects from using your FTL machine to time travel:
 Your hair turns grey, your face becomes wrinkled and you gain weight. You start to feel like you are getting older. You lose your appetite and your sex drive goes down.
 You level up and gain the following tenured professor powers:
 1. You can teleport objects of any mass
2. You can control matter and energy
3. You can create a holographic image of yourself
 You use these powers for evil and try to convince Dr Pascoli that her husband Carlo is crazy.  You create the ultimate plan to prank Carlo:
 You create a fake paper trail that shows you are having an affair with his wife. You make a fake phone call to her and tell her you are on vacation in Paris.
 It works and Dr Pascoli gets a divorce from Carlo.
 You have now graduated from college and are ready to head back home. But first you need to explain what happened in the last few weeks to your wife.
 You tell your wife everything and your wife is surprisingly into it.
 You show her the fake paper trail and she thinks it's hilarious. You leave for your home and you arrive back at your house in a week.
 The end. 
In the sequel:
  Dr. Alan Skelly is a famous scientist in the future. He has discovered the secret of time travel and he uses it to change the past.