You are Mr. Marketson, the owner of a costume shop

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You are Mr. Marketson, the owner of a costume shop. For Halloween, you plan on selling Jason Vorhees masks. However, your costume manufacturer accidentally makes masks of Jason from AIPD. At first, you are worried that masks of Jason from AIPD wouldn't sell. However, to your surprise, the Jason from AIPD masks become the highest-selling masks that you've ever had.
 You then decide to change the name of your store to Jason's Nightmare and sell more Jason masks.
What do you do next?
 You ignore many calls, messages, and visits from Jason from AIPD until one day he finally corners you and demands you stop making these masks. You tell him that is impossible.
 He tells you that you have about five minutes to make his mask before he kills you. What do you do?
 You start by pulling the Jason mold from the shelf which Jason immediately breaks. Jason tells you to make a mold of YOUR face! You do and then create a run of rubber masks of your own face. Jason puts on your mask and leaves the store. You see on the evening news that Jason has been doing a string of crimes with your face.
 The police arrest him at the end of the night.
 You can finally sleep knowing Jason is in jail. However he manages to escape and show up in your bedroom.
 You grab your gun and shoot Jason in the chest. You hear the sound of blood splattering on the wall as Jason falls over dead.
The following morning you find yourself in a hospital bed.
 The doctor enters and tells you, "You have cancer from all the powdered latex." You level up and gain the following latex powers:
 Powdery latex: You are immune to any virus or bacteria that may be present in the air or water.
 You ask the doctor, "So do I have to worry about my cancer anymore?" "Yes. Unfortunately your latex power didn't take effect until after the cancer." You think for a moment and say, "Can I see Jason's body? I need to make sure he's dead." The doctor shrugs and takes you to the morgue, only Jason is missing!
 You call everyone you know but no one can help you. You go on the internet and search for Jason's body.
 You make posts on Reddit, 4chan, tumblr, Craigslist, Facebook, Myspace, Tinder and Grindr. You don't get any useful information until one day
 you are sitting at work when you hear a voice behind you telling you to check out this post.
 You coworker Dudley tells you to check your Grindr and you notice you have a message from Jason! He's still alive!!! The message reads:
 Jason's Nightmare
"Hello. My name is Jason. I'm a serial killer who has been going around killing people.
 You reply, "U up?"
 "Yeah. Come over." You leave your office and walk across the street. When you arrive, Jason is standing there waiting for you. He tells you, "I told you to come here."
 You arrive and Jason looking very bloody and pale. You lean in for a kiss.
 Jason grabs your hand and pulls you into the room. He kisses you passionately and starts biting your neck. You feel his teeth on your neck.
 You realize this person is wearing a mask! You pull it off and reveal that it is not Jason, but actually
 a man named Steve. You scream, but Jason doesn't stop kissing you. You then feel something touch your chest. It is a knife. You look down and see your heart beating.
 You utter your final living words: "Jokes on you, Steve! You drank my blood and now you have cancer!"
 You pass out.
When you wake up, you find yourself in a hospital bed. You ask the nurse, "How did I get here?"
 And then the nurse tears off a mask and reveals herself to be Jason who sings in the style of David Byrn, "You are not my beatiful wife!"
 You hear a knock on the door and a very handsome young man walks in. He looks at you and says, "I am Dr. Smith. I'm your doctor."