You are Moby Dick, a huge whale that likes to crash into ships.

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You are Moby Dick, a huge whale that likes to crash into ships. You are being hunted by a vengeful sea captain named Nemo.
He is determined to have you killed, but he has also made a deal with the devil himself."
You remember reading about this in one of your books.
You see Captain Nemo approach with his Uncle Ahab and you know a fight is coming. You call up your toughest whale friends and let them know what's up.
They come running to help you, but they are a little late. Having already been hit by two full-size ships, you are left for dead.
Captain Nemo arrives and you have to fight him 1 on 1. You dodge the first harpoon strike and ram the ship as hard as you can.
The second one hits you right in the side of the head and you fall back. As you fall, you sense that Captain Nemo is very angry and he is circling around to finish you off.
But what Captain Nemo doesn't know is that you aren't trapped here with him, he's trapped here with you! With the harpoon sticking out of your head, you drag Nemo's ship around at high speed which disorients him.
Then with a mighty effort you pull yourself up and ram the ship again as hard as you can.
You headbutt the ship so hard that Captain Nemo flies into the water. You've got him right where you want him and you proceed to eat him.
Captain Nemo is still screaming in pain and the rest of his crew are busy trying to stop the bleeding.
You submerge and take in a little bit of water at a time in attempt to drown Captain Nemo while he is inside of you.
You feel like an entire ocean full of fish are swimming around inside you. You feel so powerful and you are like a giant killing machine.
You don't hear Captain Nemo anymore, so you return to the surface. You proceed to smash the rest of Captain Nemo's ship to bits.
You then eat a few more sailors. You feel like this is the end of all things.You don't feel any different and you don't care.You just feel great!
Your friends finally arrive and you have a sailor buffet victory party. You have defeated Captain Nemo!
What a wonderful night!You are the strongest creature that ever lived! It's true!
You wake up in the morning feeling wonderful. You didn't think it was possible.