You are Mirai from Senran Kagura.

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You are Mirai from Senran Kagura. Your best friend Mirai is pissed off at you for disabling the child lock she put on your phone.
She has been coming on to a lot of guys lately. You're not really into that, but you're just glad she's giving you some attention.
You continue to pull pranks on your best friend until one day she cracks and screams at you:
"I'm going to kill you!"
You look around and see nobody in sight. You then hear her footsteps coming closer.
"Well, well, it's that time again."
You fall to your knees and grovel for forgiveness. You burst into tears and tell you friend that you have been pulling pranks just to get her attention. You look up and hope mercy.
You hear the door opening up and a voice yelling "You're fucking dead bitch!" You look up and find yourself staring down the barrel of an assault rifle.
You piss yourself in fear as the barrel of the assault rifle touches your forehead. You close your eyes and then you hear... laughter. You look up and you friend and mysterious gun man are laughing hysterically. Mirai tells you, "It's just a prank, bro!"
You look away from the laughing gunsman and try to keep a brave face. You stare at the floor and think about what to do. The next thing you know a bullet hits your head.
You panic and use your shinobi transformation to survive. You transform into a
ball rolling on the ground and roll into a nearby bush.Your friends call for help but no-one comes. They think you're dead. While they wait, you can't help but laugh.
You try to transform back into a human, but you can't! You are forced to live the rest of your life as a ball!
(And a weirdo!) You do have moments of happiness though, you meet new people, and make friends. Someone even teaches you how to play some songs on a guitar.