You are Marky Douglas, a seemingly average guy with a questionable past.

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You are Marky Douglas, a seemingly average guy with a questionable past. You awake in a sizable sealed room with your leg chained to the wall. Across from you sits a man named Steve who is chained to the wall as well. The evil, gravely voice of Jigsaw comes over the intercom. He says "The only way to escape is to saw off your own leg. Make your choice." Steve shouts "I can break these cuffs!" Confused, Jigsaw replies "You can't break those cuffs." Steve screams with effort as he tries to break the cuffs anyway.
 Then it hits him, "I have to cut my leg off so I can get out," he yells at you. You hear a sharp crack and feel a large gash across your lower leg.
 You level up and gain the following limb removal power:
 CUT LOWER LEG OFF: You must cut off all of the lower leg. You will lose one foot, but will be able to regain the same leg after you complete this task.
 You grab your leg and crawl into the next room where you are face to face with Jigsaw.  You reveal your troubled past.
 He explains that you were a former high school football player who was always a bit of an asshole.
 You feel the earth begin to quake and the warehouse where you are being help captive falls apart.  You look around the wreckage and notice you were not the only person in a Saw puzzle trap room.
 In the other room, another man named Rob is also chained to the wall.
You and Rob see each other's eyes widen when we see his chains snap.
 You and Rob team up to get revenge on Jigsaw.  You start by chaining Jigsaw to a radiator.
 You then take a knife and cut through several layers of chains before cutting open his chest. You see his heart is beating frantically as he struggles to breathe.
 You scream, "KALI MAH" as you rip his heart out of his chest with your bare hands.
 Rob takes the opportunity to slash Jigsaw's throat with his knife. You pull out your severed leg and throw it at Jigsaw.
 Jigsaw begs you to spare him and says he knows what you want most in life:
 a woman. You scream, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" as you stab him with your leg. He dies instantly.