You are Mark, the boneless boy, you have a boney friend named Skid who wears a skeleton suit.

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You are Mark, the boneless boy, you have a boney friend named Skid who wears a skeleton suit. You originally thought that he wore the skeleton suit to use as bones, but it turns out he was just a contortionist after all. After suffering a blow to your self confidence you wiggle and giggle your way to school while you try to plan your ultimate Halloween prank:
 getting everyone else into trouble for not being on time.
 You create a distraction outside by setting a garbage can on fire. Everyone gathers around and then you lock the front door of the school. The bell rings and everyone is late to class except for you! Then you yell your classic prank catchphrase:
 "I'M NOT LATE!" As soon as the words leave your mouth the entire student body bursts into laughter! And so begins your most memorable Halloween ever!
 Skid looks at you and says, "Nice start to the prank war Mark, but I've got something that can top that." Skid pranks you by
 making his teeth come out from his face. He starts laughing uncontrollably. When things get really bad for you, we move into our next scene.
 You level up and gain the following prank powers:
 Paw's Power- Your hands become giant pincers. They can rip people apart in seconds. This power does work well when used with other claws.
 You use your crab claws to cut all the lunch tables in half. Now everyone has to eat their lunch off of the ground! "P-p-p-PRANKED!"

Skid makes another attempt on you, this time through taking off his mask and revealing himself. His eyes are red like yours and your skin is almost exactly alike.
 You realize that Skid might be your long lost brother! Skid replies, "It's just a prank, bro!"
 And after saying that, your long lost twin disappears yet again. Once more you create a distraction with a trashcan fire and everyone laughs.
 Years pass and you have created a nationwide hit of a comedy act where you just set various thing in trash cans on fire. You name your act after Skid and call it:
 "The Burning Trash Can Comedy Club". But the truth of the matter is that you are still very popular.
 One night you are doing your act and you see Skid sitting in the front row! You are excited to see him, but you also realize it is October and he is probably setup an elaborate prank for you! You call Skid on stage and tell the audience he is your long lost brother!
 No one believes you and you are yelled out. That night you see about two dozen guys trying to grab each others legs.
 You walk up to the guys and ask, "What are you doing?"
 One guy turns around and screams, "No way dude! It's me!" Another says, "You're my big sis! How could I ever forget?
 You turn to Skid and say, "The classic 'Convince me I'm the big sister of 12 strange men' prank. You got me again Skid, still the same old prankster!"
 With those words, you step forward and punch Skid right in the chest! Skid's hands come out from his face and grip onto your fist.
 Pranked again! Skid built an entire paper mache replica just to fool you!
 There was no way they could know! In fact, if someone had asked them what time you said it was the first thing they would have seen! Then it dawns on you.
 You realize the only way to end the prank war: you lean in for a kiss with Skid.
 To your surprise, he kisses back! Those little pecks of lightning that you gave him earlier still exist! And now you feel the heat from those flames all over your body! Oh shit!!
 You and Skid fuse into one super prankster named Skidmark! The crowd goes wild!
 Your popularity goes up even higher! For the rest of your life, you will always think of Halloween as your favorite holiday!

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