You are Lisa Stubbens, a fancy lawyer.

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You are Lisa Stubbens, a fancy lawyer. You had brain surgery to remove the part of your brain that makes you horny. Today is your first day back at the courthouse.
 I'm told you have been fighting with and with hard-ons since the doctor put in your new body."

Lisa's mouth dropped to her knees.
 You are shocked at this side effect and even though your mind is clear, your random hard-ons make it very difficult to socialize.
 "Yes... yes... my God," she said. She could feel that there was something wrong, but could not figure out what.
 You return to the doctor and tell him your symptoms and he tells you there is only one cure to constant hard-ons:
 Viagra! And now, for all that can be done to help you regain control over your urges, it is time you took action. Your mother has arranged for you to meet Dr. Good.
 Dr Good says the Viagra is working, but your heart cannot take the strain for much longer. You can either live with the hardons or die quickly with a normal life. You decide to live a long life and make lemonade by joining the porn industry to use your special powers.
 Lisa gets up from the floor and walks towards the door on shaky legs. As soon as she reaches her car and puts the key into the ignition, all hell breaks lose.
 The act of inserting the key makes you explode in your pants and drive erratically. You crash into the porn studio and come out covered in juices. The top porn Director Jaque Cock sees this and says, "And cut!"
 All the girls stand around speechless, wondering where they were and who made them burst into such an explosive display. A small voice says, "I'm sorry Dr.".
 You lean in for a kiss with Jaque Cock.
 He kisses her back with passion." With out hesitation, you take his dick in your hand and begin stroking his shaft while kissing down to his balls.
 You tell Jaque Cock that you cannot release the picture under your real name and Jaque gives you your new porn name:
 LISA'S COCK HARDENING! After no more than ten seconds, Lisa explodes with pleasure and releases her load on his cock.
 Your porn video is released to the internet and it becomes the most popular porn ever made. The vibrations from all the people watching it cause the entire Earth to quake causing tsunami's, tremors, hurricanes, and more all across the world.
 It is said that if you watch this film, any orgasm is equal to having sex. By now, everyone is hooked and wants their share.