You are Lester, a guy who wants to steal candy from trick or treaters on Halloween night.

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You are Lester, a guy who wants to steal candy from trick or treaters on Halloween night. You walk around your neighborhood in your pajamas when you comes across three men named Jason, Tony and Cory. Jason is dressed as a turtle, Tony is dressed as Doctor Who and Cory is dressed as a fashion model. You run up to them and say, "Give me your candy!"
 They all laugh but they don't give it so fast that the police come knocking down their door for child abuse!
 You convince the police of children that are abusing adults and in a settlement obtain all of their Halloween candy.
 As soon after getting home with some very large bags filled full by kids scaring each other over pumpkins there was an explosion at school where Jake's body got burnt off completely leaving him dead inside.
 You feel responsible for Jake's injury. If you never stole their candy, they would have been at home eating candy instead of messing around at the school. You then see a Breaking News report: "Pumpkins everywhere are spontaneously combusting! Please if you have a pumpkin, get away from it as fast as possible!"
 The footage shows people running wearing costumes like Santa Claus' beard burning themselves trying not too burn others while screaming about something called Krampus."
 You realize that this must be the work of Krampus! You call up your friend Rebecca and head to Krampus's house... which is surrounded by Pumpkins! It's going to be a mine field, but with Rebecca's help you think you can get in the house without any pumpkins exploding in your face.
 The first time I ever saw her she walked into my office holding two slices pie.. She wore these tight black pants (nothing really special) and had only one shirt showing....
 You watch as Rebecca gracefully dances through the dangerous pumpkin patch to the front door without touching any exploding pumpkins. You take your first step and trigger a pumpkin knocking you unconsicious. You wake up inside Krampus's house.
 He says he has no idea how long his wife will keep things locked safely until someone breaks back-in again tonight before midnight; however once darkness falls everything goes kablooie!!
 You look out the window and see all the pumpkins in town begin to detonate. You yell at Krampus to make it stop!
 But nothing happens!!! Then suddenly YOU hear screams coming form outside!!!!
 You lean in for a kiss with Krampus.
 When our lips touch we both freeze momentarily seeing red lights shining behind us..... And falling leaves flying past....... AND THEN................. CRASHING THROUGH THE DOORWAY AT FULL SPEED!!!!!
 It's the Kool Aid Man! He yells, "Oh yeah!" and then points at Krampus and says, "There's my pumpkin spice!" The Kool Aid Man puts Krampus in his jar like body filled with Kool Aid and Krampus begins to dissolve away.
 A few seconds later everyone starts yelling 'Merry Christmas!' because Mr Hansel & Gretel just came walking thru looking scary enough already even though its technically 9 PM December 25th......