You are Lawrence Fear.

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You are Lawrence Fear. Two years ago, your goth girlfriend dumped you for getting scared while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. After a lonely couple of years, she's agreed to give you another chance. On Halloween night, she comes to your house for movie night. In order to make sure you don't get scared, she has picked a less scary film to watch. She picks the Charlie Brown Halloween special.
 Don't worry though. You won't be alone tonight. Your mother is sitting next to her best friend because this year they decided to go trick or treating together.
 She says, "There's no way this cartoon can scare you." You and your girlfriend start watching the cartoon. Seeing Charlie Brown fall to the ground after failing to kick a football gives you a jump scare. You get so scared that you scream and run out.
 You're terrified. How could I have been so stupid? But as soon as you leave your room, there it is: A tape recorder in your closet.
 You press play on the tape recorder and hear a mysterious voice say, "
 Hi! This is Sharon from earlier today. We had a great time."
 You are freaked out and a lot of questions run through your mind. How did Sharon find out where you live? How did she break into your house? How did she know you'd look in the closet? Then you turn around and scream as you see Sharon is climbing in your bedroom window!
 Sharon stands there with bloodshot eyes looking down at you from about eight feet above you!
 You swat at Sharon with a broom and realize she is possessed by a demon. You pull out your cell phone and call up the Exorcistermiantor.
 It doesn't take long before an exorcist shows up at your door. He takes one look at you and asks why you are dressed like a clown.
 You reveal your troubled past to the Exorcist and explain that you started wearing a clown suit after a recent break up.
 Now you are back in costume to prove that love truly conquers all. As he begins his work, you begin to feel better. After several hours of chanting, you fall asleep, exhausted.
 You wake up and Sharon is gone. You look out the window and see the Exorcist has thrown himself out. What a weirdo! You go to your Clown School and tell everyone what a wild night you just had!


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