You are Kevin, a guy who has spent a long time recovering from falling into the fry boiler at McDonalds.

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You are Kevin, a guy who has spent a long time recovering from falling into the fry boiler at McDonalds. You really miss McDonalds, so you go back there. After getting inside, you slip on a ketchup stain on the floor and fall into the fry boiler again.
 This time you have to get out of the cannon and try to stand up without scalding yourself on hot oil, which is why your shirt got torn in two by an angry customer.
 You look up and notice the angry customer is someone you know quite well, it's
 that other girl Wendy from school. She walks over and says "Kevin, what happened? I saw you falling in the men's room and tried to help but couldn't see anything".
 You reveal your troubled past to Wendy.
 "I was trying to use my cell phone, as usual when I fell in.
 You look down and see that your phone has been severely deep fried! You instinctively reach for it dunking your right hand right into the fryer. The phone fuses to your hand as you rip it out in pain! Wendy looks horrified and screams, "
 What did you do?"
"Well, if I tell you everything I'll have to kill you first!" she replies with fear and anger in her voice.
 You realize that Wendy is the imposter! If she catches you alone somewhere, you will be killed. You put on your best poker face and tell Wendy you are working a double shift. Wendy looks angry and confused, "Don't you have to go to the hospital? I can take you... alone." You say, "No thank you" and return to work reeling in pain.
 As soon as you return home you call Wendy and ask her where you should meet. "Right now at this bar on Sixth Avenue". She agrees and then tells you about how they met...
 You are happy Wendy met you in a public place. With this many people around, she surely cannot kill you. But then Wendy sinisterly puts $50 in the Jukebox and plays, "What's New Pussycat" one hundred times in a row. The bar quickly starts to lose patrons and you start to sweat.
 Your heart rate increases and you feel nauseous. Someone pours some soda into your empty glass, which makes you want to throw up.
 As you feel the vomit rise up, you lean in for a kiss with Wendy.
 Then, all of a sudden, a large man in a suit pushes Wendy away from you. He grabs you by the arm and throws you hard against a wall, breaking several bones.
 You look up and see that it is Dave Thomas, Wendy's father! He is wearing a pinstripe suit and a tie that says BACONATOR on it; he looks pissed off! You have to quickly think of a way out of this, and then you see that under the counter is a
 stun gun. It's not the most sophisticated weapon in this world but it'll have to suffice. You look back at him and smile before reaching to pull the trigger.
 You stun Dave and Wendy and manage to escape. You level up and gain the following stunning power:
 100 per cent physical damage to any living thing within 20 yards and 20% chance of permanent mental damage. All doors open and you walk through them.
 You realize the only way you can win against Dave and Wendy is to control the supply of bacon. If you control the bacon, you control the baconator. You use your new powers to take over farms in the area one-by-one until you have all the swine in the land!
 When you are done with those farms, you go back to your parents' house and bring their friends back here too, so that you can regain control of the Baconator.
 It is a rainy night, but you hear Dave and Wendy call for you. You head out to the muddy field and Dave challenge you to a fight. You accept and mud wrestle Dave Thomas and his daughter Wendy for control over the baconators. The fight is long and messy, but eventually
 both drop dead due to exhaustion. Once you are sure nobody else knows about the switch in your pocket, you return home with two million dollars!