You are Kelly Barx, a female werewolf attending Creature College.

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You are Kelly Barx, a female werewolf attending Creature College. Final exams are coming up and there's just not enough time to study! You beg your genius ghost roommate, Tammy, to stealthily possess you so she can take your Biology exam in your stead. She agrees, ominously mentioning she will collect "payment" later.
 Tammy is the only person who knows about your secret identity as a werewolf, but she won't tell anyone else because she loves you too much.
 You get an "A" on your biology test and the next day Tammy asks for payment. She wants you to transform into a werewolf at the big frat party this Saturday. You nervously agree, but you worry about what everyone will think about you.
 Tammy has been studying hard for her final exams and wants to be ready to transform you when you arrive.
 You are running late to the party and on the way you bump into Bradracula, the most popular guy in Creature College.
 He's one of those guys who thinks he can do anything with his body.
 You say, "Oh anything? Prove it! Transform into 90s Pamela Anderson!" Bradracula smiles and says, "Easy!" and then transforms exactly into a Baywatch version of Pam Anderson.
 You look him over and notice that he is wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm a werewolf."
 You nervously blurt out, "I'm a werewolf!" Bradracula scoffs and says, "Oh yeah, prove it!" You then transform into a werewolf and reveal your troubled past to him.
 Bradracula doesn't believe you at first, but after a moment he starts to understand. He becomes very excited and hugs you. You are surprised by how warm and affectionate he is.
 Tammy is in disbelief as you walk into the party holding hands with Bradracula. You instantly become the most popular girl at the party with everyone wanting to talk to you.
 You are also the only werewolf there, which makes you even more popular. After a while though you start feeling tired and want to go home.
 Bradracula invites you up to his room, but you think things are moving way too fast and sneak home.
 Tammy finds you in your room and tells you to come back to the party. You reluctantly accept and head back.
The party continues and you find yourself getting drunker and drunker.
 Bradracula throws himself at you and you tranform into a werewolf and fight him off. This REALLY gets Bradracula excited and you wrestle him off all night long. Bradracula says that was the best night of his life.
 All of the girls love you now. The guys are jealous of Bradracula, but they know you like him. You finally decide to leave the party and Bradracula follows you.
 You thank Bradracula for the great night, but feel insecure about yourself and ask, "Bradracula, what is it that you like about me? I hope it's not just because I'm a werewolf..."
 Bradracula replies, "Well, you're really hot. And you're really nice, and I've never seen anyone transform into a werewolf before.
 You follow up and say, "Oh so it is because I am a werewolf. I always wondered why no one paid attention to me, but now that I am out... it just feels fake. Like you only like me because of my werewolf form and not for who I am as a person."
 Bradracula responds, "No, there's something else. Something inside me.