You are Joe, a scientist working in a robot factory.

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You are Joe, a scientist working in a robot factory. Due to an accident, the robot factory malfunctioned, and the robots started to mingle with the factory workers. Since it's illegal to have a robot that does not obey the Three Laws of Asimov, and there is no way to distinguish robots from humans, they locked everyone up. You are now locked up in a holding cell, waiting for an interrogator to appear.
You are soon approached by two guards, who ask you some questions. You answer as best you can, but the more they question you, the more you realize you are in trouble.
You need to convince the interrogator that you are not a robot because you know that they will throw defective robots into a fiery pit to smelt them. The interrogator walks in. She looks stunning in her tight police uniform, and you start drooling, but you must keep your composure.
The interrogator asks you some more questions. She seems to be very interested in what you know. You learn that you were brought in by one of the engineers.
You reveal you troubled past.
She seems sympathetic to the situation, but orders that you wait until after the interrogation. She then goes back to talking with the guards, who have now left.
You breathe a sigh of relief, but then suddenly the guards attack and try to bring you into custody. This must be some sort of misunderstanding. You escape and chase down the woman, but she disappears into a taxi. You hide in a nearby dumpster to avoid the police and wait for morning.
The next day you go back to work, but it is obvious you are in trouble. Your co-workers are upset, as they had hoped you would be sent to jail.
You sit at your desk in contempt. You knew you weren't the most popular guy at work, but you didn't think that literally everyone hated you. You plot your revenge.
You call the company's security and tell them that if they do not release you, you will release all the information about the company's secrets on the internet.
You leaked tons of classified documents from robot factory, but the most damning information is discovered by a local news reporter named Kit Bodega. Kit discovers a document titled:
"The Robots Are Real".The document outlines the reasons why the factory was built in the first place, and why you are a traitor.
Your world view is shattered. You are a traitor? You need answers! You track down the Robot Factory CEO & Inventor: Tesco Flannigan.
He is not in a good mood, and has you thrown into solitary confinement. He is also angry that you leaked documents about his inventions. He plans to destroy you. You need to escape.
You hear a voice tell you to escape and a secret hatch on the floor opens up. You jump down and meet
up with Mr. Flannigan. You explain your betrayal.He says he will help you, and tells you that you will be released. The world will know the truth now.
You follow the resistence crew and go from town to town spreading the truth. Some believe people you and join the cause, but most people think you are nuts.
You are bankrupter, murderer, traitor, murderer, traitor, and traitor. You are a fake and a fraud. You are a joke and the robot factory is the real thing.
You are shocked at how many people feel this way, but then it hits you... you've been making robots for 25 years now. There are more robots then humans on Earth. The robots are taking over as the majority.
You wonder what you have done. The answer is simple: you have been working for the wrong corporation.The story of Joe begins in Chapter 1.