You are Jason, the guy who is hosting the biggest party of the season.

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You are Jason, the guy who is hosting the biggest party of the season. Your party guests include your best friends, Tony, Jim and Cory, as well as some celebrities, including Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Renner and the Kool-Aid Man. The party goes great, until the Kool-Aid Man gets murdered. You must find out who murdered the Kool-Aid Man. It could be one of your friends or one of the celebrities.
 Whoever it was, you must get revenge on them."
I have to admit I was intrigued by the game.
 You reveal your troubled past to the rest of the party guests.
 They then decide whether to believe you or not. If they do, you're safe, if not, you're in trouble.
 The party guest talk in secret and then admit they believe you.  You tell everyone that there has to be a clue somewhere.  Then you notice the murder weapon on the ground kicked under the couch:
 a big wooden spoon.
"That's weird," you say.
Everyone looks at you funny. "What?" you ask.  "It's right there," someone says.
 You immediately point the finger at the person you hate the most in the room: Jeremy Renner.  You interrogate Jeremy and try to find a motive why he would kill the Kool Aid Man.
 He tells you he wants to steal the Kool-Aid Man for himself. After that, he decides to mix the Kool-Aid Man's blood into his own drink.
 Jeremy Renner quickly consumes the Kool Aid Man's blood and begins to transform into
 the Kool-Aid Man. Everyone in the room starts to panic. You run over to Jeremy and try to stop him from transforming.
"No!" Jeremy screams.
 The transformation completes and Jeremey yells, "OhhhhhhhHHHhhhh YeaaahhhhhhHh!"  Jeremys bursts through the wall and escapes the study.  Oprah says we have to kill him.
 You run after Jeremy and try to grab his arm but he evades you. You punch him in the face and he falls down.
 You remove the wooden spoon from your back pocket and get revenge of Jeremy... for the Kool Aid Man.
 You stab Jeremy in the stomach with the spoon. Jeremy dies instantly.
You run over to the body of the Kool-Aid Man and see the spoon sticking out of his chest.
 Whoopi tells you there is one way to bring the Kool Aid Man back to life:
 use the spoon to make a wish. You do exactly that. The Kool-Aid Man comes back to life. He gets up and walks around the room, talking to everyone.
 You ask the Kool Aid Man, "How was the afterlife?" and the Kool Aid Man replies, "Sweet and refreshing. Oh yeah!"  Everyone heartily belly laughs.
 The party guests are now all convinced that you're telling the truth. They give you a box of money and tell you to take care of it.
 You know exactly what to do.  You hop on the phone and order something that will really make this the best party ever:
 a huge blowjob.
The next day, you wake up and check your email. There is an email from a woman named Jenny.