You are Jason, of AIPD.

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You are Jason, of AIPD. You were planning the latest birthday party sting when your new deputy, Megarock, busts in through the door. He tells that the evil villain, Dr. Whilly, has busted out of prison started giving him trouble. You look up from your plans and say, "
Damn it; I knew this was a bad idea." The others look unmoved while you though about what to do next.

"Fuck it; what would we use as bait?"
You and Megarock look at the newest intern Bradley and nod in agreement. You send Bradley into an open field and wait for Dr Whilly to show up.
You and the rest of AIPD wait in what used to be Jocks Hall for the carabiner team member Brandon to show up...
A year passes...
Bradley asks, "Can I come inside, yet?" And you reply, "Nope." Suddenly Dr Whilly's ship descends from the sky!
It crashes through the campus and then proceeds to destroy almost the entire school building.Everyone looks where you are trading razor blades with two ogres (and leaving a general wreckage in your wake)!
Dr Whilly kidnaps Brendan and gives you an ultimatum:
Hand over Boston Clem, or watch the town burn down to the ground.Banners blare "DOWN WITH THE EVIL THIEF OF DUMPS UNDERGROUND!"
You throw Boston Clem at Dr Whilly and say, "Now return the intern Bradley!" Dr Whilly laughs maniacally and
says, "I'm sorry to disappoint my child. But sadly, he is no longer mine to give." He then stabs you in the back.
You smile and laugh. You knew Dr Whilly would do something like this, so you strapped explosives to Boston Clem just in case. You show Dr Whilly the detonator and say, "Look who's laughing now!" You and Megarock high five and laugh.
You and the other members of AIPD are free to celebrate!
Year 3...
A few months have passed and Dr. Whilly is back in control of the city.
You are completely flabberghasted that Dr Whilly won his reelection even though he was exposed as an evil mastermind. You find out you have been hired to protect Dr Whilly at a policitical campaign where Dr Whilly will reveal his latest invention to the city. You begrudgingly accept. Dr Whilly reveals
his super-villain invention that can cause earthquakes, volcanoes and even create giant tornadoes. The device can be controlled by sound and the people hearing it, can be put under its spell.
Dr Whilly reveals he plans to do a test of his latest invention on a podunk town in the country: your hometown of Oil Rig, South Dakota! You watch as your home is destroyed and surrounding towns are mind controlled.
The country is in ruins and most of the population is either dead or enslaved. It looks like the world is doomed, but you are determined to save it.
You and Megarock need to go on a Rambo mission to Dr Whilly's mansion. It is heavily defended by robots and laser cannons, but you know of a secret entrance. You wait for night fall and then sneak into the Mansion to defeat Dr Whilly.
You find Dr Whilly in charge of all security, as well as being a drug lord. In fact, he is the founder of "The Combine", a corporate empire that controls everything.
You realize you cannot let Dr Whilly's reign of terror continue for any longer. You and Megarock have an epic battle with Dr Whilly and his robot creations.
You and Megarock are victorious, but you are killed in action by a jetpack explosion....
Megarock campaigns to create a holiday in your honor and from that day forward people celebrate you on "
Ground Zero Day." Dr. Whilly is never seen again. You are declared an eternal hero and Time Travel Day is created.
Year 5...