You are Jason, of AIPD.

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You are Jason, of AIPD. You were planning the latest birthday party sting when your new deputy, Megarock, busts in through the door. He tells that the evil villain, Dr. Whilly, has busted out of prison started giving him trouble. You look up from your plans and say, "
Well I guess we'll just have to take care of this now."
You track Dr Whilly down to the birthday cake factory. It appears he's been expecting you because the factory has many banners saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!"
You and Megarock take Dr Whilly to one of the big trucks and drive him to jail where they put him in a cell and lock the cell door.
You look at Megarock and think this was too easy. Megarock nods and says, "It's clearly a trap, but how can he escape from maximum security?"
Before you can answer, you hear an alarm going off. You look out the window and as the truck pulls out of the parking lot, you see a bunch of men pouring through the front gate.
It is Dr Whilly's henchmen all dressed up in their famous villain costumes of:
red hooded robe, black mask and pointy hat.They are followed by more men in suits carrying assault rifles. The police are also there.
You see the Dr Whilly has convinced the police to join his side. So you decide to just go along with it and sing Happy Birthday and eat the cake. You put down your weapon and Megarock watches in disbelief.
While they are watching the Dr Whilly, a bomb goes off in one of the buildings. A large fireball goes up in the air and explodes into pieces.
All according to plan! Dr Whilly looks back and your are right in his business with a fist to his face.
He is knocked out and the cops start firing, blowing out windows and the roof. Dr Whilly manages to crawl out the window and runs away.
You chase after him, but you see him contort his body down a sewer drain while saying, "We all have birthdays down here Jason, and they all are happy!"
You follow the man down the drain and eventually he gets to his car where he tosses the keys out the window.You see that the key fits the door to the trunk and get inside.
You hide in Dr Whilly's trunk next to his various inventions:
a syringe filled with poison, a gas mask, a radio transmitter, an explosives kit, a sawed-off shotgun and an assortment of other devices.
You macguyver all of these items together to make the ultimate car trunk dirty bomb. You set the timer for 69 seconds and try to escape the trunk. But it is jammed and you are trapped!!!
The timer starts counting down and you are doomed! You have no choice but to wait until it is over. The clock finally reaches 0:00 and the bomb explodes.
You see your life flash before your eyes:
You are blown up, the car explodes, and the explosion causes the metal walls of the trunk to collapse on you.You are killed instantly and smolder in the hot flames of the inferno.