You are Jake Ninja, world famous surgeon.

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You are Jake Ninja, world famous surgeon. You like to reach inside bodies during surgeries to give the heart a tickle
 or two.
Your mom and dad died in an auto accident when you were young. Your sister was killed by a drunk driver too. They left you everything they owned.
 You have dedicated your life to preventing deaths so no one ever has to feel the sadness you feel all day every day. One day you are in surgery tickling a patient back to life when suddenly
 someone grabs you with a pair of pliers and starts pulling on your scalp. You try to resist but it is too late as they pull out your scalpel and cut your head off.
 The assailant flees the surgery room, but your fellow doctor takes drastic measures and attaches your head to the patient you were operating on.
 The patient wakes up shortly after and explains that he was afraid you would be taken away from him before he could make love to you again.
 You lean in for a kiss with the patient, but your lips are unable to touch because of the way your head is attached to their body. The patient reminds you his name is
 Henry and asks if he can see you again. You tell him yes and he kisses your forehead. You ask him how long he expects to live and he tells you until the end of time.
 You read Henry's chart again and notice an anomaly about his health:
 he is not aging. He is only 25 years old, but he looks like he is in his 40s. How did this happen? What will you do now that you are stuck here forever?
 You decide to investigate further and head to the Hospital library freak section.
 The book you seek is called "The Man Who Lived Forever" and is written by a man named Dr. Eddy Chen. You find it under the "Fictional" section.
 You and Henry fly out to meet Dr Eddy Chen and ask him about his findings.
 He tells you that you and Henry are both immortal beings who are able to change the past and future. He says that you cannot change the past, but you can influence the future.
 You and Henry exchange a glance and come to the same conclusion: Dr Eddy Chen is lying to you! You call Dr Eddy Chen out and demand to know the truth!
 He pulls out a gun and shoots you dead. He then kills Henry and throws his body into a fire. You curse the gods as you fall to the floor and die.