You are Jack Smith, an average guy.

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You are Jack Smith, an average guy. You are walking home late one night when stop at the crossroads. You look around, feeling like you're being watched. Suddenly, a sharply dressed man emerges from the shadows. He tells you he can give you anything, but it will cost you dearly. You consider his offer: there's no major problems in your life, but you've always wanted
 to experience sex with another person. You already have a girlfriend, but she is not very adventurous sexually and you want more.
 As soon as you say this, the Sharp Dressed Man snaps his fingers and the most beautiful woman you've ever seen approaches you and is heavily flirtatious.
 She asks if you would like to try her out on a dare.
She says that she has been wanting you for quite some time now, and she thinks you'd be perfect for her.
 You ask, "What do you DARE me to do?"
 . She replies, "I dare you to have sex with me." You look into her eyes and decide that it's worth a shot.
 You follow her to a nearby motel and she waves her finger disapprovingly and points to a nearby dumpster.  You find it odd, but you try it out.
 After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You climb in and the door locks behind you. You feel like you're sinking into the trash.
 You feel around in a smelly game of Marco Polo but eventually you find what you think is the woman and make sweet love.  The lid to the dumpster swings open and illuminates the trash... it turns out you were having sex with a bag of expired chicken wings.
 You get out of the dumpster and walk home, feeling like an idiot.
The next day you go to work and tell your boss about the embarrassing incident.
 Your boss is flabbergasted and holds his nose. You are fired.  You leave work with all your belongings on your desk and run into the Sharp Dressed Man in the parking lot.
 He apologizes profusely and offers you a second chance at life. He tells you that he knows just how to help you regain your dignity.
 You ask, "Go on..."
 . He replies, "First, you must eat a meal of my choosing. You will then use the restroom of my choice.
 You wink and lean in for a kiss.
 The two of us stand there, kissing, until you get hungry again. You will then use the bathroom of my choice. When you finish, I will take you home and have sex with you.
 You accept as you desperately want your dignity back.  You go to the bathroom and the Sharp Dressed Man follows you.
 He picks up a magazine and reads it to you while he eats your food. Then he takes you to the restaurant of his choice. It's a nice place and you enjoy your dinner.
 It's the sharp dressed man's favorite restaurant:
 he loves it there. You walk out with him and he kisses you deeply. You feel like a million bucks and you realize that you've never had so much fun in your life.
 The end. 
It has been a year since that fateful night. You still haven't eaten a meal of the Sharp Dressed Man's choosing, nor has he taken you to any of his favorite restaurants.