You are Greg the Ghost.

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You are Greg the Ghost. In life, all you ever wanted to do was get high. That hasn't changed at all, but being a ghost makes weed much harder to obtain.
 You try to find ways around it, but your attempts always end up in failure.
 One day you find a Shaman that tells you he has found a way for ghosts to get high:
 Take the ashes of someone who died before you and mix them with some water. The shaman says it will open an entrance into the spirit realm and allow you to smoke weed.
 You say, "Sorry Grandma." and take her ashes off the mantel and mix them with bong water.  You open a portal to the spirit realm and walk through to see:
 "Oh shit! I'm so sorry!"
Greg's grandmother, Grandma. She is crying her eyes out as she sits on the floor next to the couch.
 You know how to make it up to your Grandma and you tell her that you will spread her ashes in the ocean like she wanted.  You return to the mortal realm and proceed on your quest to the Atlantic ocean.
 You find a beach and lay her ashes down. As you sit down there is a loud boom. You look around and don't see anything.
 You release the ashes just as Godzilla steps out of the ocean.  Godizilla has just snorted your Grandma's ashes!  This causes your Grandma's spirit to take over the king of monsters.
 You can hear her screaming as she tries to escape.  Godzilla hears this and comes back to the surface. He turns to you and says, "I guess we need to have a talk."
 You realize that is something your Grandma always used to say and you realize it is her inside Godzilla's body.  Gramazilla tells you
 that it is your fault and you should apologize to your Grandma. You think about what she said and you want to apologize to her.
 You think for a moment and sing a heartfelt apology song:
 "I am so sorry for everything I did. I had no idea that you would be so angry. I am so sorry for taking your ashes and mixing them with bong water.
 Gramazilla tears up and tells you that your apology is accepted.  You watch the sky tear open with a light and you see your Grandma's soul ascend to heaven.  You watch as Godzilla's body falls backwards and flops into the ocean.  Your Grandma has these final words for you:
 "Go to school and do well, don't let me down."
You go to school and do very well. You complete all of the assignments on time and never fail a test.
 You pick your college major in honor of your Grandma and graduate with honor with a degree in Weed Studies.
 You find a job as a pothead in a dispensary and become quite successful. You buy a small home and start a family. You raise two kids with your wife.
 The end. 
A few years later.
You are now in your late 20s. You have been married for 15 years and have two children, a boy and girl.