You are Flandre Scarlet of the scarlet devil mansion.

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You are Flandre Scarlet of the scarlet devil mansion. Your big sister, Remilia, left for the night. Now it’s time to cause some chaos.
 You have been asked to destroy a mysterious target, but you know that there is more to this than meets the eye."
"I am here for one reason and only one: Kill him!"
 You look at your target closely, he is
 wearing nothing but black leather armor with wings on his back, maybe even dragon scale.
 You hesitate for a moment because you think you have met this guy before. This gives you target a chance to wrestle free and escape. The target turns around and says, "I AM
 YOURS TO KILL AND DESTROY." He then swings his sword in an arc right at you. Before you can react, you feel the tip of the blade slice through your chest.
 You try to give chase, but collapse in street and the target gets away. You awaken with Remilia standing over you. You tell her you knew the guy that did this and Remilia looks worried.
 She tells you she heard about what happened. Apparently someone in our family was up to no good and we need to find out who or why.
 You ask around and eventually find out your cousin Blazeit made a deal with a powerful demon lord named
 Kattoson. There has never been any information or reports from another house concerning these events. But that doesn't mean they aren't happening.
 You find out Blazeit has sold his soul to Kattoson for
 $10 million. A fortune for anyone. It seems like someone thinks he is worth $50 million! They are after something else though. Something special... Something they want to keep hidden away.
 Luckily you know exactly what Blazeit will splurge his money on and you head to the dispensary with the dankest weed and wait for him to inevitably show up.
 When he does, you make sure to be prepared. After showing off your new fighting skills, Blazeit begins bragging that he's gotten rid of $20 million worth of enemies so far.
 Before you can even take a fighting stance, an earthquake tears open the ground to reveal a lake of lava underneath!
 You freeze time and rush into the volcano as fast as possible.
 You swan dive into the volcano and are face to face with Kattoson. You lean in for a kiss.
 His mouth feels cold and rough against yours. He tries to push you out of the way, but your arms are too strong! Suddenly the island he was hiding behind disappears!
 You look around and you have been teleported to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You feel the floor shake and then look up to see the Kool Aid Man burst through the wall and yell, "Oh yeah!"
 The whole room shakes violently. With a loud thud you hear a huge explosion that takes out several blocks of concrete block of buildings. Soon flames shoot up everywhere from this massive firestorm.
 You lean in for a kiss with the Kool Aid Man.
 As soon as you break his lip, you feel the heat from around it. Just before you get blown in half by flames, you grab hold of his cock.
 This gives the Kool Aid Man super strength and he is able to defeat Kattosan with ease and free your cousin's soul.
 During all of this, you are distracted by a large amount of people trying to get close enough to suck his dick and he keeps getting interrupted by them.