You are Ernie McCoolz, the owner and head chef of Hyperdeath Grill.

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You are Ernie McCoolz, the owner and head chef of Hyperdeath Grill. You wake up and hear the news that the world has run out of burgers!
 "Well shit…" you say, as the first thing you do is look for any nearby burger joints.
 Burger joint after burger joint tells you the same thing, "No burgers!" You cannot believe this is happening! You level up and gain the following hungry burger skills:
 Burger Eating - You can eat a burger in one single bite, even if it's upside down, or if you're holding it in your hands.
 You wake up from your reverie and realize the burger you though you were eating was acutally a
 worm, which was just lying there in the middle of the floor. The only thing that saved it from being completely crushed was your foot!
 You are shocked and immediately spit out the worm. But to your surprise, it actually tasted pretty good. You lean in for a kiss with the dirty worm.
 Then you realize that you're naked and that you've been sleeping in your underwear. "Shit!" you exclaim, as you quickly hop out of bed.
 Your hunger for a delcious hamburger is driving you insane. You hear from a former White Castle employee that there are some illegal hamburgers being sold. Without hesitation you agree to purchase some and for $100 you buy a 1lb bag of mystery meat. You ask the dealer, "But what is this really?" and the dealer tells you it's
 beef, but not beef at all. It's actual human flesh! The whole package is worth $200!
 You question the morality of it for a moment, and then immediately scarf down a burger made from the human meat. What have you done!? You reveal your troubled past to the meat delear.
 He tells you he was once part of an elite unit of Uwais soldiers who were sent to kill mutants. They went through hell and died, so they were given a burial at sea.
 You ask, "Where's the sea?" as you lick your lips. The dealer is offeneded that you would even think to eat his comrades and attacks!
 He's like six feet tall, with fur and spikes on his body. His face is covered in blood and gore, and a long sword is stuck in his side! He's ruthless and relentless!
 You don't stand a chance normally, but you just envision the dealer as a burger and you are able to use your burger skill to eat the mystery meat dealer in one bite!
 The human flesh is delicious, but you now have a lot of questions.