You are eating a sandwich when you hear a strange ticking sound.

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You are eating a sandwich when you hear a strange ticking sound.
You look around and see that the clock on your desk has stopped. The clock in the hallway doesn't work either, and it's much darker than it should be.
You continue to investigate and search the house for the mysterious ticking sound. It is definietly coming from your bedroom. You continue to search and eventually find the source:
a bookcase. It's been punched open and its contents strewn all over the floor. It looks like someone took a sledgehammer to the bookshelves.
The ticking gets louder. You cannot find the exact thing causing the ticking, so you run out of the house. But you still hear the ticking! You take all off your clothes off and run down the street, but the ticking continues.
You need to do something.
You walk into the convenience store and ask the clerk if there is a policeman in town. He tells you there isn't.
You ask the clerk if he can hear the ticking sound and he looks scared and says, "No? Please don't hurt me." The ticking will not stop! You rip open a bag of marshmellows wild and shove two in your ears. The ticking continues and the clerk runs away in fear!
You then run outside and throw the bag of marshmellows in the woods. Then you get back into your car and drive to a nearby mall.
You rush to the Sharper Image and barbarically tear open a white noise machine and crank the raindrops to max volume.
The sounds of the woods are drowned out by the loud noise. You then run to the refrigerator and grab a bottle of whiskey. You pour some into a glass and drink it down.
You are able to live a somewhat normal life for many years. Until one day when your white noise machine breaks. Now the ticking returns, but when you go to the Sharper Image, they tell you they never made another white nosie machine after what you did to the store the last time you were here.
They insist you have to go to their town for repairs. A few hours later, you arrive at this new town and you see a large blinking sign that says 'TICKING TOWN'.
You lose control of yourself in laughter. You finally found the store that causes the ticking! You blow up "Ticking Town" with a rocket launcher.
You then enter the police station, where you find a bunch of cops. One of them says, "Oh my god! What happened?" You say, "Your white noise machine just exploded!"