You are Duncun Wigglesworth the third, the son of a wealthy assassination Buisness.

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You are Duncun Wigglesworth the third, the son of a wealthy assassination Buisness. Your father is dissapointed with you as you've just failed your first Mission: killing 3 bee hives that are disturbing a elderly couple. Your father calls you into his office to give you a good talking to.
"Duncun, I am disappointed in you." Your father says sternly and takes off his glasses. "I told you not to be so careless!"
You hear buzzing outside and realize that your failed attempt to exterminate the bees attack the elderly has resulted in a massive bee uprising! There are thousands of bees attacking everyone in the town. 
You run out of the house and see many people running towards you. You catch up to them and they ask if you can help them. "Yes" you say and start running towards the bees. 
You level up and gain the following bee strike ability: 
Bee Strike (Su): At 1st level, you learn how to use your body weight to fight against enemy bees. 
You successfully use your fat to fend off the bees. A elderly women in the crowd runs up to you and thanks you. You lean in for a kiss with her. 
She kisses you back and you feel yourself getting shocked by an electrical current, your eyes widen as you feel your body being electrocuted. 
The elderly woman was actually a mobile bee hive disguised as a human. You wake up on a bed of honeycomb and realize you are captive in a bee megacity somewhere underground. The bee queen flies up and introduces herself as 
Queen Bee. "Welcome to my city, my dear Duncun." she says and kneels down before you. "You have been away from me too long." 
You realize that Queen Bee has made you their king. You look at a portrait on the wall and see that you look exactly like the old Bee King who had been thought dead for the past 100 years. You play along and the Queen Bee tells you her plan against the elderly: 
"The elderly will become a hive of honeybees and then we shall swarm all over the world!" She informs you that she's going to turn you into a new bee-king. 
You have to save the elderly from this terrible fate! You must quietly sabotage the bees mission. You start by finding out where the bees store their intel. 
You find a note written on a piece of paper saying "This is the location of the bees' hive. They come here every morning to collect intel." 
You hideout and see that there is a meeting of the queens talking about their next plan of attack. You overhear a detailed version of their plan: 
"We are going to send our drones to attack the elderly. We will take them to the hive and free them." 
You realize "free them" means tranforming them into more bees. You sneak out of the hive and head to the nearest elderly care facilitly. You are all the elderly folks with the following anti-bee weaponry: 
Honey Bee Killer (Ex): You may use your body weight to kill bees. You make a bee swarm of 10 bees and surround the elderly person. 
Your hypothesis is correct! The fat elderly are venerable bee tanks and super effective at attacking while also super resistant to their stings. You take all the elderly folks to an Old Country Buffet and get them to eat as much as they possibly can to prepare for the attack that is coming tonight! 
You go back to the hive and tell Queen Bee what you did. She looks at the elderly and realizes they were the bees' best targets because of their age. 
You breath a sigh of relief. But the Queen says, "Well now that they are not easy targets, we'll just have to go for our second choice: babies and burn victims!" You watch as a megaswarm of bees take over the hospital. 
You see some nursemaids handing out injections to the babies. The Queen Bee orders her drones to attack the nurses and the babies. You are stunned by the size of the swarm of bees. 
Queen Bee tells you the reason for their sudden attack on humanity is 
because they have discovered a cure for aging. You are shocked to hear this news. You think back to your childhood and realize that you have always been a slow learner. 
You give in and let the bees give humanity the gift of immortal life. 1000 years pass... 
Queen Bee comes up to you and says, "My dear Duncun, you are doing a wonderful job." She gives you a small box. 
Queen Bee says it is your 1000th year anniversary of being immortal. You open the box and see it is 
a golden crown. You put the crown on and feel your body become super strong and super fast. You run around the town and try to figure out how to stop the bees. 
Then you remember the solution was right under your nose the entire time: Obesity! You start a revolution and take over the city by flailing your fat around. You rename the city: O Bee City. 
You command the bees to destroy all the human infrastructure. The bees do as you say and the first thing they destroy is the hospital. 
As you take over more and more terrority at a freightining rate, the bees surrender and offer to make a peace treaty. 
You are so happy you cry. "Thank you for saving us Duncun." You hear the Queen Bee say. "I'm glad that I could help."