You are Dr. Frankenstein, a mad scientist who is planning on experimenting on Jason

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You are Dr. Frankenstein, a mad scientist who is planning on experimenting on Jason. You create a vat of toxic butter. You dump Jason into the vat of toxic butter to see what will happen.
 Jason is in the vat of toxic butter and it starts burning his skin. His body temperature rises. He can feel something crawling over his skin.
"It's coming out!"
 A butter creature emerges from Jason's belly:
 "Oh no! It's coming out!"
"Let me help." The doctor grabs a knife and cuts through the vat of toxic butter. The butter creature falls out.
 Right onto a piece of toast.  You try to grab it, but it manages to escape and hide somewhere in the lab.  You help Jason out of the vat of toxic butter and notice he is suffering the following side effects:
 1) He has been boiling hot all day.
2) He has lost his sense of smell.
3) He has developed a rash all over his body.
 Jason is psychically connected to the butter monster and the butter monster tells him:
 "I'm sorry I was wrong about you. You are not evil. You are just an innocent boy who needs love."
"I don't know what you're talking about," Jason says.
 You notice Jason is communicating with the creature and you know they both have to be stopped.  You reach for butter's natural enemy:
 a vacuum cleaner. But butter stops the vacuum cleaner and takes it back inside the vat of toxic butter.
"What were you thinking?" Butter asks.
 You shake in fear as you realize that this butter creature has developed an immunity to vacuum cleaners.  You try to convince Jason to destroy his buttery mutant bastard son.
 "No!" Jason shouts. "I can't do that. If we kill him, then he'll never be able to make butter again. He's our only hope!"
 You make peace with Jason and the butter creature.  Meanwhile you are thinking of a new plan or invention that can undo this.  Then one day it finally hits you: Jason has to eat and reabsorb the butter creature.  First step of the plan: destroy all the butter in the lab and in 100 mile radius.
 "Jason, get rid of the butter monster. I want nothing to do with it. But if you fail, I will kill you myself." Butter says. You are speechless.
 You know butter is just trying to confuse Jason into attacking you and it worked.  Jason lunges at you wildly and you throw a vial at him marked:
 "Give me the antidote."
"No!" Butter screams. "You can't have the antidote. It's mine! You can't have it! It's my property!"
 Jason drinks the antidote and his rash and fever start to go away.  This sends Butter into a rage and you watch Butter evolve into
 a giant butter monster. Butter grabs Jason and drags him to the kitchen. You can hear Jason screaming. Butter starts to devour Jason's body.
 You have run out of science options and you decide to just let it all burn!  You break out your WW1 era flamethrower and go ham on Butter.
 Butter is destroyed and you are saved. Butter's corpse explodes into a huge ball of butter. You take the ashes and put them in a jar.
 The end. 
In the sequel:
 "Butter Returns", you learn that Butter is actually a succubus and she wants to suck some of your blood.