You are Dr. Disaster, a NASA scientist.

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You are Dr. Disaster, a NASA scientist. You have just crashed a rocket into an asteroid, just to see if you could.
 I am the co-pilot of that ship and its pilot who is now dead."

"No! That's not true!" she said, her voice trembling with anger.
 You realize you are being haunted by the astronauts who perished.
 They were happy men and women. "I was there when they died, but it was only because their souls passed through my hands to be reunited with theirs." She then looked at me and smiled.
 You are shocked to learn that Dr Rachel Potasky is a soul collector. You look into her necklace and see the trapped souls of everyone that has ever died in space!
 It took three months for us to get here. The bodies would never decay in the vacuum, just like your body, so we had no need for embalming.
 You lean in for a kiss with Dr Potasky.
 As you begin to kiss, you feel as though someone is pressing against you from behind. Suddenly, she stops kissing you and looks around. Her eyes widen in fear.
 You level up and gain the following soul collector powers:
 (1) Teleport around obstacles; (2) Apparate and fly at high speeds; (3) Detect any living creature within 10 feet of you; (4) Be able to read anyone
 Dr Potasky gasps and realizes you have stolen her soul collection powers with your kiss. You free the souls from her necklace and they surround her menacingly.
 She screams in terror as an army of ghosts attack her. Your telekinesis allows you to separate them from each other and, to all appearances, they vanish.
 You ask Dr Potasky to make you another rocket. You learned through samples recovered from the explosion that the asteroid has a large deposit of gold. You invent Ghost Space Suits that allow the ghosts to move around the physical world and have them complete their mission. Dr Potasky stows away on the rocket and steals your claim to all that gold!
 With this power, you can create anything with ghost matter. In fact, you created everything in existence!
 You use all of the ghost matter from the souls freed from the necklace to create a settlement on this new world that you name
 after the pilots...

The End

Author's Notes: This story is based mostly on real events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.