You are Cory, a guy who is dressing up as his friend Jason for Halloween.

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You are Cory, a guy who is dressing up as his friend Jason for Halloween. You wear an AIPD t-shirt that's covered in butter and jeans that have Alf's face on the pantlegs. Jason makes fun of your outfit. This offends you.
 "Is it really wrong to dress like this?" I ask him, "You've gotten me into so much trouble."
 He says with a smile and laughs at my question.
"Does he know about us? About how we're together?" My heart beats faster.
 You look at Jason who is investigating the damage and then look back to Alf and say, "I don't so and don't mention or you could be in danger!" Jason walks back over and Alf blurts out, "Cory and I are in love!" You facepalm.
 It's not a good idea to laugh out loud with someone so close to death.
 You lean in for a kiss with Alf... because it could be your last chance.
 But before you can even get there, he begins coughing violently and falls unconscious. Now what do you think happened? Did he just die from pneumonia?
 You look up to see Jason has found some sort of space gun in Alf's ship and blown a huge hole right through the middle of Alf. Alf turns around and gives a final one liner:
 "I can only hope. And if you want, maybe someday the two of you..."

Alf wakes up, looks at himself in his mirror, smiles, and shakes his head.
 You change into a different costume, you are now dressed up as a:
 (1) Death;(2) Ghost/Paranormal Investigator; or(3) Vampire Hunter. Then finally after everything went black you hear something coming down the hallway.
 You look and see Zombie Alf!
 The old man lays in bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers while hanging by his neck, with blood covering the floorboards between his legs.
 You watch as Alf devours the old man's body like a lion devouring an antelope. You and Jason run and hide. You look around the basement for a weapon to arm yourself with and luckily find a
 metal pipe. With all the gore outside and inside you find the perfect place to hide under the stairs and wait for your enemies to come.