You are Chaz, you are a party store clerk. you have been getting angrier and angrier every day and you are about to explode

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You are Chaz, you are a party store clerk. you have been getting angrier and angrier every day and you are about to explode

"I've got it bad for the boss," he said with an evil grin. "I'm gonna murder her!"
 You realize your boss Linda is right behind you and heard the whole thing. Linda fires you on the spot and laughs. You are at the boiling point and you finally explode.
 No more control over yourself, no more restraint, just exploding anger and hatred. It's all out there now. The words come pouring out of you as if they had always been there.
 You insult Linda with the most hatred filled string of personal insults:
 lying is what she does to me, I hate my job, you can't even make it up to the customers like fucking John Wayne, are you really that stupid or something?
 Linda begins to slow clap. "So you finally stood up to me after all these years." Linda pulls out a paper from her back pocket and hands it you, it says:
 "Dear Mr. Watson;

You are fired! Your place of employment has been closed down. There will be no further responsibility of any kind from this office.
 You are shocked. Linda didn't fire you because of what you said, she fired you because someone has bought the party store! You find out the party store has been bought by a Danish investor and he is looking to turn the building into
 a hotel! He wants to build an expensive club on the property and he has already hired several new staff members. They will be paid $10, 000 a month plus expenses and profit sharing.
 The Danish investor is name Dedric and he has just walked in the door with some construction folk. You walk up to Dedric and lean in for a kiss.
 When you start kissing him he looks up and down. His eyes take in your body, your face, your tits, your ass, your pussy, everything.
 You realize you can keep your job and get a big raise if you can just be sexier than you've ever been in your entire life right now! You hit the radio and start grinding on Dedric's body.
 As you grind you see his cock starting to grow so hard you begin to rub it all over.
 You talk to Dedric about keeping your job and maybe getting some extra "benefits".
 He tells you about how much money this project will really bring in and what the ramifications are for the city. Basically the city will never get its cut. So now it is up to you.
 You reveal your troubled past to Dedric.
 How many women have fucked you before today and where were they? Dedric stares at you and asks.
 You say, "37 and they are all from Detroit." Dedric nods approvingly and says, "You're hired!" You ask, "What is my job title?"
 and Dedric explains "You will be my assistant manager and Accounts Receivable Manager."

"How long will it take me to learn my duties?" You ask.
 Dedric says, "Not long at all! And another thing-" but he steps outside and is immediately struck by lightning! A huge thunderstorm has surrounded the party store and you are all trapped inside!
 All you hear are loud cracks, bangs and crashes. Instantly you are hit in the head by lightning and then cold water hits you on top of your head.
 You miraculously wake up mostly unharmed. Your slutty outfit must've ground you to nearby metal shelfs. Dedric however is burnt to a crisp.
 Then you look around and realize everyone else is dead except for one girl who appears to be unconscious.
 It's Linda who is standing there with a gun laughing that she got away with murder! You tackle Linda to the ground and wrestle the gun out of her hands.
 She starts screaming! Once again you shove your tongue deep into her mouth and choke her with her own hair. This time she doesn't fight back. In fact it does feel good.
 You use your sexiness to distract Linda long enough for the police to arrive and take Linda to jail.
 On the way home you tell your husband all about seeing your boss naked, fucking John Wayne and most of all about trying to fuck David Copperfield's wife knowing that you would have to kill both him