You are Bony Tony, a spooky skeleton that has recently been resurrected from the dead.

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You are Bony Tony, a spooky skeleton that has recently been resurrected from the dead. You got murdered earlier this year by a man named Jason, who wanted that vast AIPD fortune all for himself. Now you have only one thing on your mind : Revenge!
 The first thing you do is go to an old abandoned warehouse and check it out. It's pretty creepy in there.
 The warehouse is filled with terrifying items:
 Flesh-eating bugs, demonic skeletons, and a lot of other creepy stuff.
Now, the next step is to find Jason. He will be the last obstacle standing between you and your revenge.
 You notice a bright red glow coming from the boiler room.  You swing open the door and see Jason is performing some sort of ritual.  You prepare your bone knife and get ready to attack, but then you see Jason transform in a terrifying beast:
 a huge spider! It's about 10 feet tall and looks very dangerous. You realize that you're not going to win this battle. So you decide to just run away.
 You knock over a barrel filled with demonic skeletons as you try to back away.  Jason notices you and chases after you by crawling on the walls and the ceiling he is able to catch you with frightening speed.
 You fall into a pit full of corpses and you both end up getting devoured by the dead.  You wake up in a small cell.
"Good morning, Bony Tony."
 You awaken to see Jason mostly eaten by the dead.  Jason tells you that he is sorry for killing you which really takes the wind out of your revenge sails.  You ask Jason how the hell are you going to get out of this pit.
 He explains that he knows a way out of here.  "But first, we need to make a deal." Jason says.
 You nod understandingly and lean in for a kiss.
 But Jason pulls away suddenly. "First, I want you to promise me something..." Jason says. You look at him suspiciously. "I'm going to give you my house...
 You wait for the obvious caveat.
 Then, you will come with me and live with me forever. You will never leave. You will do everything I say. I will love you unconditionally. You will always obey.
 You hesitate, but agree.  Jason shows you a maintenance hatch that leads safely to the sewers.
 You follow him down the stairs and into the sewer.
The next day, Jason gives you a tour of his home. He has a nice big basement where he keeps his treasure.
 Jason says, "But NEVER go in the basement... or I'll kill ya!"  That night you wait for Jason to go to bed and then you enter the basement.
 You are surprised to see a large stone statue of a woman. You figure that she must be some sort of goddess or something. You start touching her and she gets even more excited.
 The moans of this stone goddess wake up Jason who enters the basement and locks the door behind him.  Jason yells, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH MY STONE WIFE!!!  NOW YOU GON' DIE!"
 As he walks over to you in his bare feet, you realize that he is completely naked. He grabs you by your hair and slams you against the wall.
 You hit him in the nuts, grab the keys and the stone woman, and try to escape.
 But Jason catches you and throws you on the floor.  Jason starts choking you with his hand around your throat and then he hits you again. You black out.
 You wake up and see the stone woman.  She tells you her name is
 Lilith and that she is the devil's wife. She tells you that she is going to fuck you and then you will die.  You fight back, but it's no use.
 Jason interrupts and saves your life.  You tell Jason of your revenge plot and he sets you free.  Lilith is sent to the pit of the dead for the night and you and Jason have a long talk and find you have a lot in common.
 You decide to move in with Jason and live happily ever after.
You wake up in the morning to see Jason naked and stroking himself.
 The end. 
In the sequel:

Jason and Tony get married. They live happily ever after.
Special thanks to my editor, Bjorn.
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