You are Benny Buyer, a guy who purchased a mummy tomb because you think it would be cool to have a mummy.

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You are Benny Buyer, a guy who purchased a mummy tomb because you think it would be cool to have a mummy. After taking the tomb home, you open it up and see Cory from AIPD who is wrapped up in toilet paper. You say, "You're not a mummy. This tomb is a rip-off." Cory says, "Ah, my tomb!"
 Benny responds with, "You bought that tomb? I thought you were just a dumb hunk."
Cory says, "I'm not a dumb hunk.
 Cory continues to pretend to be a mummy and shuffles around criticizing the tomb.  You accidentally step on a booby trap and a real mummy appears before you!
 You scream, "Oh no! It's a real mummy!"
Benny is scared and runs away while Cory says, "I am a real mummy.
 You stand on your front lawn and hear Cory scream as he is attacked by the mummy.  You call up the man that sold you the tomb and ask what is the mummy's deal.
 The man explains that the mummy will attack anyone who steps on its toes. He also says that the mummy can't be killed unless the person putting it down has an antidote.
 You ask what the antidote is and the man tells you there is only 1 vial known on earth and it is conventialy located near you in the
 AIPD building. You run to the AIPD building and find the vial. You open it and take out the antidote which is a pill.
 You rush back home and see that you are too late.  Cory has fallen to the Mummy who is nowhere to be found.
 The next day you go to the police station and file a missing persons report.  You go home and wonder if you should do anything about the mummy.
 You hear some strange noises from the tomb and then notice the mummy hasn't left and it just hiding.  You force feed it the vial and it transforms into
 a sexy, naked woman.  You get a hardon and have to hide the erection.
You open the tomb and see Cory floating in the air.
 Cory's spirit needs a vessel and so he possesses the woman.  You ask the woman her name and she says, "I have no idea, it's me Cory!  I was a ghost and I needed to tell you something very important:
 I love you!"  You respond, "I love you too." You kiss her and then she disappears.  You go to sleep after that.
 The end. 
In the sequel:
 The Mummy Returns, you wake up in bed with the woman. She asks you how you got here and you explain that you slept with her. She says, "It's alright.