You are being held against your will in a facility that pretends to be an asylum.

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You are being held against your will in a facility that pretends to be an asylum. Each day you are fed a cocktail of pills that keep your mind cloudy and your body weak. One day, the pills are mixed up and you regain your mental clarity. You decide to attempt to escape. You look around your cell and find that it is empty but for a small bed, a toilet and a small faucet. The door has been locked from the outside.
 You begin to break down the door.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't let anyone in until you pay." A voice says.

You turn around and see a man with red hair and a beard. He is wearing a robe and slippers. He looks like he might be in his mid-forties.
 fight against your restraints and release your laser piss upon the man

"No! Please sir, I'm just trying to get out of here!"

The men starts laughing and the woman looks at you with suspicion.

"I'm not going to hurt you sir, I'm a doctor." The man says.

You don't know what to do.
 A needle is plunged into your arm and soon enough you lose consciousness. You wake up in your room drowsy. You find a message in your pockets. You read it.
 "You're free sir, you're free." He says.

You stand up and realize that you are not only free, but also relatively clean. You walk over to the faucet and wash your hands. A mirror shows you a pale, emaciated figure. Your hair is long and your face is gaunt.
 You doubt the message for a moment but you remain hopeful. You try the doorknob. It clicks, the door swings open. As you step out, you hear the cries of the people in the cells of the asylum. "Traitor! " "Run while you can" It sends a chill to your bones. You head for the exit.
 You walk out of the building and into the courtyard. There are several cars parked there. You see an older man sitting on a bench. He is reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. He looks at you as if he has seen a ghost. "You're the one, aren't you?"

You stare back. He raises his hand and points at you.
 Pardon me?" You blink twice. "The one?" He hands you a picture with horses. "You're the one I'm convinced. " he says as he taps your shoulder. The horses, you recognize them! They are Uma Musume Pretty Derby horses!
 The same ones that were stolen from my stable! I gave them to my daughter when she was born! I have a son too! His name is Shigar." He turns to a younger man who stands behind him. "This is Kenji, my son. We are both orphans and we have come to take you home."

You look at the pictures again.
 The drive is long and the man explains his love for the horses. After a few hours, the car strains itself up a hill. Over the fence, there they are, galloping in the enclosure. The man opens the trunk and orders your bags to be taken upstairs in the large mansion. "Follow me, I will show you the stables. "
 You follow the man into the house.

"This is it. This is where I live. Please, come in and have some tea." He says.

You walk through the house and find it to be large, filled with paintings, furniture and a huge kitchen. The stables are in the basement. You walk into a large room with stalls and a few horses.
 The man opens the door to a stall. You see Uma Musume. She is brushing the tail of her prized horse. As she turns around, she smiles and says:"
 Welcome home Shigar."

You walk over to the horses. One of them is called Zuzu, another is named Haruna and the third is known as Teckla. You walk over to one of them and stroke the horse. "I'm glad you're here. I miss you so much." You say.
 "I think you're the best horse in this world." You say. Teckla neighs and neighs. You smile.

You walk over to the second horse and stroke the one called Hidetora. "I love you." You say. "I miss you." You say. "I think you're the best horse in the world too." You say.