You are a pirate, sailing the seas in search of the lost treasure of Hollow Bones, your nemesis who has cast a curse on you and your fellow sailors.

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You are a pirate, sailing the seas in search of the lost treasure of Hollow Bones, your nemesis who has cast a curse on you and your fellow sailors. In a battle, you took over a frigate from the British Navy and it is loaded with gunpowder and canon balls. "Land ho!" says Pike, the sailor atop the mast.
 You have a cannonball in the mouth and a ball in the chest. The ship is sinking, but you are not yet dead. 

A wave of fire rains down on you from the cannons, burning your body and sending you flying into a barrel of alcohol, which explodes in your face. It's all over in seconds.

You are not dead, though.
 You wake up and find that only you have died, but your ship is fine. You are now a ghost and it is time to haunt anyone that tries to takeover your ship!
 Your first victim is Captain John Smith, a man who was once an admiral in the Royal Navy. He has lost his mind and believes he is still the captain of HMS Bounty and that you are pirates. You are about to kill him when one of your crew members stops you.
 Pike the ghost tries to reason you out of hurting Captain Smith. "Please, Smith's already lost his mind. "
 You are a ghost and you don't have a soul. Ghosts don't have a soul." You are still reluctant to kill Captain Smith, but you have no choice.

The next victim is another pirate called Edward Teach, a ruthless killer who used to be friends with Jack Sparrow. When you confront him, he tries to reason you out of killing him.
 On and on, new captains are assigned to the boat and you kill them one by one. The boat starts being known as the "Floating coffin" in the Royal Navy.
 Soon there is no more room for any more people. You have to start boarding the ships and throwing them over the side. As you do so, you begin to feel the effects of the plague. A few months pass and the entire fleet is dead. The last remnants of the English navy are reduced to a handful of small vessels. Then, just as suddenly, you hear a voice.
 It's the voice of Hollow Bones, your nemesis. He asks that you now turn yourself to his treasure. He admits to have lost it to the navy and he thinks you two can team up and find it.
 You don't listen to him. You know you are stronger than he is, you are faster and better armed. You will take his treasure and nobody else's!

You and your crew prepare to leave, but then one of your crew members decides to stay behind. This person is Ben Gunn. "I'm going to die here," he says. "So what?
 are we really going to leave port in search of a silly treasure!?" Ben Gunn voices his displeasure at the search of Hollow Bones' treasure: Golden cans of horse meat.
 Gunpowder. Barrels of rum. Powdered pig brains. And many other riches. "I'm sorry brother, I'm afraid it's too dangerous out there. If anything should happen to me, take my place. But I am not giving up on this search."
 For all the londoners could see, this old tattered and barely floating ship sailed off without a crew. The Floating Coffin sailed away to never return. After a few days, Pike ordered the anchor dropped. There it was, the location where the last navy ship sank. Surely the treasure laid there.
 The moon is full that night. You had to wait until the last moment to board the vessel. You and your men enter the hold of the ship and begin to search for the treasure. You find gold bars, coins and more than enough gunpowder to blow up most of the ship. Finally, after about two hours, you find what you were looking for.
 There they were! The golden cans of horse meat, as shiny as the legend promised. You float forward slowly and reached out. Suddenly you hear the angry voice of Hollow Bones: "
 I told you to find it yourself! What the hell kind of ghost are you?" You are not scared of Hollow Bones. You are scared of death. You have to be.

You grab the cans and throw them into the sea. Then you and your crew leave the wreck of the HMS Bounty. Your mission is accomplished.
 What's left of the navy is now yours. No-one else will ever sail your way again.

Hollow Bones is not pleased with you. You are a ghost and he will not let you rest. He sends you to destroy all the remaining merchant ships. You do not care. All you want to do is to go home. You sail off into the sunset.