You are a man who has lost his memory after being in a car accident.

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You are a man who has lost his memory after being in a car accident. When you wake up the nurse says you were in a coma for 25 years.
You have no idea how you got there.
But you do remember one thing…
You remember again. The last time you saw your wife, Lisa. You remember her face.
You ask, "What is my name?" And then Lisa appears in the doorway as an old fat lady and says, "Your name is
Frank." You wonder why she didn't just give you a new name, but you don't question it, you just agree with her and say, "Yes."
Lisa bursts into tears and tells you that she has remarried, but she always loved you. You get out of bed and look into the hallway to see Lisa's new husband Bobby, who looks like
he was hit by lightning. You call out to him, but he doesn't hear you, he just sees you and runs away. You follow him, finding him in the backyard.
You see this and think that the coma has given you lightning powers. You try an experiment later that night and attempt to strike down a tree like you did with Bobby.
It doesn't work, but it makes you feel like it did.
You continue your search, eventually you find Lisa's mother looking after Lisa's children.
Lisa's mother Karen tells you to stop trying to find out if you have superpowers and start finding a job so you can support your children.
"I'm not going to find a job," you tell her.
"Well we can't afford to live here any longer," she replies.
You attempt to strike down Karen with lightning.
You fail, but you still feel a little better. You take her advice and start looking for a job.
You open the "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper and highlight all the jobs you are qualified for:
reporter, police officer, bank teller, mechanic, plumber, secretary, and a bunch other things. You apply for anything that will help your family.
You apply for all these jobs and to your suprise you get offers for every job you apply to. This gives you and idea: work all 6 jobs at the same time!
You thought that Lisa would be mad at you, but you see how excited she is about it. And it does work. You make enough to support your family.
The Bank is the first to suspect something is wrong when you are always showing up late and dressed as a police officer.
 The Police Chief even calls you in to talk to you.He tells you that the FBI is coming to look at the case. He says that he suspects there is a serial killer on the loose.
 You call in sick for all your other jobs and focus entirely on the serial killer case. The serial killer is nicknamed:
 Mr X. You begin watching a lot of TV hoping to catch a glimpse of him. You spend hours trying to find out what his name is.
 To your surprise, a hot shot report named Ace Freely solves the case for you. The serial killer's real name is
 William Demarco. He killed 2 women, one of them Lisa. Mr. X has been killing women for years and it is only now that you are catching on.
 You dress up in your deceased wife's clothes and hang out in the park where Mr X picks his victims. It takes a couple nights, but you are finally face to face with the killer!
 You confront Mr. X and he tells you that he is in love with Lisa. He confesses that he killed her and as proof, he has the ring she gave him.
 You cannot believe that Lisa was unfaithful and you wrestle Mr X to the ground. You attempt to arrrest him, but
 he manages to escape. You call the police and Mr. X is arrested.