Yasahiro Izakaya, a famous high end Japanese art dealer located in Ginza, Tokyo

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You are expecting a new artist to arrive to your gallery very soon. He is rumored to be a very good artist but very eccentric and difficult to work with at times. Forming a good relationship with this new artist could make you billions of japanese yen.

You have been working hard on the new artwork for the last few months. The client has agreed to meet you tomorrow night so you can present it to him. Unfortunately, tonight's the night that the client decides to cancel his meeting due to some unforeseen circumstances. You have no choice but to leave town early and hope that he comes back.

You track down the artist to a giant underground Yakuza run gambling den. You see many famous people here, but also many scary looking men with scars on their faces.

They seem to be there to gamble or get drunk.

You see the artist you are looking for at a Pachinko machine in the corner. He is smoking a cigarettes. You approach him and ask him "Where have you been? The client wants the artwork as soon as possible.".

The artist looks up from his game and says "I was in the middle of something important and I had to go!" "Oh?" You say surprised. "What did you need to do?"

You continue.

"Well, I just needed to show you something. Now go ahead and take my time while I finish up. It will only take about an hour".

You rip the pachinko machine and smash it on the ground, the balls spill everywhere and room becomes eerily silent while everyone stares at you.

> You accept the challenge You decide to accept the challenge. You walk out of the gambling den and into the alleyway where you see the artist waiting for you. He sits down on a bench nearby and starts playing his guitar. He plays several songs and then suddenly a large black truck drives by causing the musician to stop playing.

You the black truck stops in front of you and the artist says "The artwork has arrived." You look in the back of the truck and find...

A young girl dressed in a leather outfit with a sword strapped to her side. She has long blonde hair and wears a mask covering most of her face. Her eyes are red and puffy, almost like they're crying. She smiles at you and walks towards you.

the artist says to you "She is the artwork. Her name is Crying Ninja. She is a cyborg. An artificial intelligence robot."

You stare at the girl in shock and say "No way! That can't be true! How am I going to fight her?!" The artist continues "You don't know how to fight her yet. But she isn't going to attack you right away. Eventually, when you become more skilled, she will come after you".

You insist that Crying Ninja has to be mounted on canvas before you will display her in your gallery.

The artist thinks for a moment and then replies "Yes, I think you'll enjoy her better if mounted. In fact, we should mount her now. We can hang her once we've completed the artwork".

You call the billionaire client that wants to buy the artwork. You talk to him on the phone and tell him "the artwork is ready".

He asks you "How much is it?". You reply "It's $15 million dollars. It includes all the expenses related to creating the piece including mounting costs". You hear the phone ring and the man answers it "Hello? This is Mr. Nakamura speaking. My name is Akira. I'm selling my artwork for $15 million dollars".

Mr Nakamura tells you to meet him at his hillside mansion which is 45 minutes away. You hop in the truck with the artist and the art piece cyborg and head over.

As you drive to the mansion, you begin to wonder what is going to happen next. Will you win against the cyborg ninja? Will you lose to the cyborg ninja? Who knows what kind of tricks these cyborg ninjas have up their sleeves.

You check the cyborg ninja's sleeves for tricks. Then you hand a sales contract to the billionaire and ask him to sign it.

You open the door and enter the mansion. Inside, you see a huge estate. There are many rooms filled with beautiful paintings. The mansion itself is decorated with many expensive furniture and decorations. You see a woman sitting in a big chair reading a book. She notices you walking in. She stands up and greets you, saying "Hi, I'm Mrs. Nakamura".

You decide to seduce Mrs. Nakmura.

> You seduce Mrs. Nakamura You grab her arm and pull her close. She doesn't resist and instead begins kissing you passionately. Soon, you both are naked. You start caressing her body and touching her tits. She grabs your cock and begins sucking on it. You kiss her neck and fondle her breasts while continuing to suck on her nipples.

Mr Nakamura walks in on you and presses a button, the Cyborg Ninja drops down from the ceiling and draws her sword. She is coming to kill you, but you pull a great katana off the wall and prepare for battle.

Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You gasp and drop Mrs. Nakamura. She grabs your shirt and pulls it up over your chest. She examines your wound and says "You broke three ribs, but you won't die today. Your heart stopped because of blood loss. I must use this opportunity to repair your broken bones and organs".

Mrs Nakamura pulls out a vial of nanomachines that she pours on your wound healing you instantly and turning you into a cyborg. You have super strength and speed and charge at the cyborg ninja.

You slash at the cyborg ninja who dodges and kicks you in the crotch. You fall backwards onto the floor. Mrs. Nakamura picks you up and carries you outside. She puts you inside one of the trucks and drives you to the hospital. You wake up in a cold medical ward surrounded by doctors. They examine your wounds and check your vital signs.