Wyley Writer – You are Wyley Writer, a guy who is writing a prompt for AIPD.

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​You are Wyley Writer, a guy who is writing a prompt for AIPD. You send the prompt to Jason and desperately hope that he reads it on the next episode of AIPD.
Your prompt: "How the world's first robot cop gets trapped in an underground subway system."
You aren't sure how this prompt will fit in with the plot of the show, but you do know that if you can get Jason interested enough in it then he'll write it into one of the episodes.
"Well," Jason says, "I didn't know you could actually write."
"I can, but I'd prefer to be a writer than an author," you reply. "When I'm published, I'd rather be known as Wyley Writer than Wyley Author."
You are filled with inspiration for your new prompt and name this robot cop: Agent 3001.
After a while, Jason hands you a drink from his refrigerator. "What do you think?" he asks. It smells like pineapple juice and rum, so you take a sip.
You write a backstory for Agent 3001 and why he roams the subway system in New York City.  You include the following details from your personal life: you have a fear of clowns and a tendency to be late. You also explain that you are working on a novel which might or might not become your debut novel.
As you're writing, Jason tells you about his new show, The Secret World of The A-Team. You listen attentively as he explains why this is going to be the best show ever.
Jason walks out of your office into the studio.
You watch him work for a while. You hear a strange noise coming from the sound effects booth. Jason and his team seem to be making fun of each other. Jason takes a call from someone in the network and talks to them for a while.
Finally, Jason walks over to your desk. "So how's it going?" 
You panic and make up a mystery plot on the spot for Agent 3001: "Somebody's trying to kill the robot cop. Can you help him?"
Jason shakes his head. "Too generic."
"Okay," you say. "How about this: some evil cultists are trying to kidnap Agent 3001. They're planning to sacrifice him for their leader."
"I don't get it."
You explain. "They want to use his robot parts to build a robot army. To defeat the rest of humanity." 
Jason gives you a blank look. "But what if we turn Agent 3001 into the leader of the human race instead?"
This is good enough for you. You can feel your story taking shape.
Jason tells you this story needs a love interest, and you blurt out, "How about  Agent 3001 meets the girl who saved him in the subway? The same girl from your prompt."
Jason nods approvingly. "I like the way you think." He walks back to his office.
You name the love interest "Agent 58008" and finish the script for the pilot episode.
Your first episode is titled "The Devil's Robot."
You write a note for Jason about your next episode. It includes the following information: "When Agent 3001 finds a group of religious fanatics preaching the end of the world, he tries to stop them by throwing acid in their eyes."
You're almost done with this episode when Jason comes back into the studio.
He takes a look at your notes and shakes his head. "What kind of acid?"
You tell him the story. "It's a secret formula, only known to three people: me, the evil cultist leader and his right-hand man."
"So I don't get it."
You smile. "You have a big budget. What would you rather do?"
Jason gives you an approving look. "How about a flying car? Or a time machine?"
You laugh. "Maybe when you get that budget, we'll work on a flying car or a time machine."
The show is released on Netflix and gets a Rotten Tomato score of 96%. Jason is interviewed on the television news channels. You are nominated for a Hugo Award.
The day after you finish writing your pilot script, you receive the following email:
 Dear Wyley,
I've received your pilot script for the series. I like your idea for an anti-religious cult but I'm not sure if it's going to fit in with our show's plot. Would you consider a new idea instead? Something more along the lines of a robot detective who solves crimes on a New York City subway?"
You read the rest of the email and decide that this is probably good news.
You rewrite the pilot episode to be a detective story about an acid attack. You also write an alternate ending where Agent 3001 meets up with the love interest from the prompt, the girl who saved him in the subway.
In addition, you make a note to yourself about the importance of making a good first impression.
You know exactly who you want to play Agent 3001: famous Hollywood character actor Harrison Ford. You contact his agent and try to set up a meeting.
After a while, Jason comes back into the studio with the lead actress he hired to play Agent 58008: Jessica Alba.
The show gets into some controversy when a viral video of Harrison Ford leaks of him in costume saying the word "vagina".
You respond with your own parody: a series of YouTube videos where you teach Harrison Ford to say the word "pussy" over and over again.
You think this is funny enough that you can write a whole book about it.
So you do! And you title the book: Harrison Ford Doesn't Know the Difference Between His Pussy and Your Pussy. It's a bestseller, and you even get a second novel published: Harrison Ford Doesn't Know the Difference Between Your Vagina and My Penis. 
That book does even better in sales and you are pressured into writing a third novel: Harrison Ford Doesn't Know the Difference Between My Penis and My Penis.
Then you release a short story collection titled Harrison Ford Doesn't Know the Difference between Your Cock and My Cunt.
Harrison Ford Comes to Dinner
As the star of his own hit television show, the real -life Harrison Ford has finally gotten around to accepting your invitation to dinner. He's come to your home in New York City and brought along his wife and children.
When the doorbell rings, you let out a long sigh and tell yourself that today might not be such a bad day after all . You open the door and step aside so Harrison Ford can enter first.
"Hello, Wyley," Harrison Ford says. He shakes your hand warmly. "I have heard so much about you."